The Naked Truth About My Heart

by - 3:10 PM

Before now, I always imagine
You plant a kiss on my forehead
To find pleasure in locking your lips in mine.
Before now I always wish you,
You caressed me in romantic style.
Before now,
I wish your succulent breast is a great
Pleasure to us.
Right now
Joy overwhelmed me
Simply because,
You do hug my sadness away,
You kiss my tears away,
Our love painting words
With diligence,
Sparking without negligence.
Raping the mind of sadist
And jealousy ones without
When I first saw you,
I looked for a signature because every
Masterpiece has one.
Most times I asked myself a questioned of . . .
Are you a camera ?
Because everytime I looked at your beautiful face I smile.
There are thousand of photographer in this world but you are the only
One who captured my heart with a perfect shot.
You are baby without nine turturious months
Of pregnancy and excruciating labour pains.
Loving you was a myriad of tastes and textures,
A storm of sensations,
A symphony of sounds.
Of all the beautiful curves your smiles is my favourites.
I thought happiness start with H,
Why mine starts with U.
Do you know that. . .
The shoe I wear do not allow me
To chase after ladies . . . but for you
I run barefoot
You are so beautiful inside
And outside,
That you may be asked to leave this world
Because you’re making other ladies look bad.
Look into my eyes, and you will certainly see yourself.
Check my heart and you will hear your beat.
Take a step in my path
And you will know the magnitude of my feelings for you.
So be  my queen forever so as not to kill
The beats of my heart.
I love to love the love in you,
Just because you’re the love
I love to love.
If nothing last forever,
Will you be my nothing?
Written By : Eyitayo Fasasi

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