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The Basic Characteristics of an ALPHA MAN

Ever since I heard about this statement from a lady that Alpha males are jerks, but females cant help being attracted to them. I decided to be on the right path , I put those words on my heart and I inscribed them on my mind .
I know am sure some of you read the title. The naked truth is that women are more attracted to alpha male than any other kind of man. Woman loves alpha males who are by default passionate men with ambition and this is their subconscious mind; is a qualifying factor when it comes to choosing a man that will be able to provide for them. They are hard- wired to fall for alpha males. They can’t help it. It is not about what they choose, it’s not in their head, it’s just how they are, just like attraction. 

1. ALPHA MALES ARE ALWAYS BOLD AND FEARLESS. They believe they can conquer and achieve anything they set their minds to. With a lot of confidence, they generally succeed at whatever they do.
2. A TRUE ALPHA MALE IS STRONG AND INTELLIGENT. He is strong, intelligent and leads by example. He also knows how to lead and protect his pack.
3. AN ALPHA MALE IS VERY COMFORTABLE WITH HIMSELF. From the way he feels about himself, the way he carries himself, the way he walks, talks – He always radiates confidence. He does not fear anyone and does not really care about people’s opinion of him.
4. HE IS VERY PASSIONATE IN LIFE. A true Alpha male has high goals and ambitions and always goes about achieving them all. He believes strongly in the beauty of his dreams so he pursues it relentlessly. He follows his passions in life and doesn’t believe in mediocrity, neither does he spend time working on what he isn’t passionate about in life.
5. THERE ARE NO FAILURES FOR A TRUE ALPHA MALE. He believes there are no failures in life, only lessons. Therefore failure is only part of the process for an alpha male. He will always bounce back from failure, learn from the experience and move ahead with life. This is how he overcomes the challenges in his life.
6. HE IS ALWAYS COMPOSED. An alpha male never loses his composure no matter what. Even in the midst of turmoil, he is always himself, thoughtful and calculated. Alpha males are very calm, calculated and controlled people.
7. HE IS SELF-DRIVEN. A real Alpha male is very self- driven and self-disciplined. Once he decides on a goal, all his attention will be focused at achieving that goal and he will do everything possible to see that he makes it happen. They don’t need to be told what to do. Please note: Women prefer men who make the decisions.
8. HE HAS HIGH MORALS AND VALUES. A true Alpha male is a man of principle, he is a gentleman at heart. He is not abusive or arrogant and does not look down upon others.
9. HE IS A NATURAL LEADER. He possesses strong leadership qualities. He is always looked upon to provide direction when needed.
10. HE IS A PROBLEM SOLVER.  He is the best at what he does. When there is a problem, he fixes it without excuses and doesn’t wait to be told what to do.
11. HE DRESSES FOR SUCCESS AT ALL TIMES. Every true alpha male should know how to take care of himself and dress for success.
12. HE BELIEVES IN GROWTH. An alpha male knows that change is the only constant thing in life. Therefore he embraces change and growth.
13. HE CHOOSES HIS WOMEN, THEY DON’T CHOOSE HIM. He is a confident gentleman who believes strongly in himself. He doesn’t act needy or clingy to women, neither does he settle for mediocrity when it comes to his women. He strongly believes his woman must be intelligent, smart and beautiful and that she has to impress him to earn his attention and would never choose her out of sentiments.
14. A TRUE ALPHA MALE IS NOT BOSSY. A true alpha male might be a true boss but he isn’t bossy at all. Like we mentioned in (9) above, he is a true leader, he leads by example and expect his followers to follow in his footsteps. Whereby he finds himself as a Project Team Leader or a Manager trying to solve a problem, he allows every single member of his team share his or her opinion and thought on the particular matter in other to brainstorm together and find a solution.
15. HE ADMITS IT WHEN HE IS WRONG AND IS NOT AFRAID TO FACE HIS MISTAKES. A real alpha male is as “real” as possible – admits when he is wrong and never covering up wrong doings especially his mistakes.
16. PEOPLE’S OPINION ABOUT HIM DOESN’T COUNT. An alpha male is by default a man of great self esteem, he does not need people’s positive or negative opinion about him to make him feel great or sad about himself.
17. ALPHA MALES ARE VERY CLEVER AND SMART. They are generally well known for their analytical skills. In business, they are able to come up with strategies that can bring about success.
18. ALPHA MALES ARE DOMINANT. Alpha males are dominant, they have the power to influence others but are not aggressive about it.
19. THEY BUILD POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS – True Alpha Males believe that who they are with can elevate them or bring them down, therefore when it comes to their social lifestyle, he finds the most value in hanging out with like minds or people better than him so he can learn more from them.
20. THEY ARE PHYSICALLY FIT. Most Alpha males are well built and masculine, you know why? This is because they are into quality lifestyle and healthy living. They invest in gym, work out regularly and ensure they maintain a good lifestyle in general.
21. THEY ARE OPTIMISTIC. Alpha males do not ever give up easily in life, they always believe that there is a way out. Even when there are no “visible” or realistic options available, they are always very optimistic that things will eventually work out in their favor.
22. ALPHA MALES ARE GENUINE – You can always count on an alpha male, they are usually very sincere in their dealings with people.
23. ALPHA MALES ARE EASY TO BE WITH AND ARE FUN TO BE AROUND. The natural “cool” characteristics is bred into Alpha Males.
24. ALPHA MALES ARE BORN NOT MADE OVERNIGHT. Every man has the potential to be an Alpha Male, but few have any idea on how to do it or how to unleash Alpha Male that they were born to be.
On Body Language Characteristics
25. THEY WALK SLOWLY, BUT NOT LAZILY. Alpha males do not walk too fast, neither are they in a rush no matter the appointment, although they ensure they are disciplined enough to arrive early for appointments or meetings, in this way they avoid running down the staircase or rushing to work like so many others do.-
26. ALPHA MALES SPEAK SLOWLY AND GENTLY. They talk in the same manner they carry themselves – gently and slowly, never in a rush. This manner of talking signifies control and commands respect.
27. THEY ARE GREAT COMMUNICATORS. The alpha male is versatile and communicates effectively. He knows how to hold interesting discussions about so many different areas or sectors not related to his core area of expertise.
28. HE HAS GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR. Alpha males are witty and have a great sense of humor.
29. ALPHA MALES ARE AWARE OF THEIR IMPORTANCE. They don’t ever seek the approval of anyone, they believe they are above mere mortals. It’s like a mixture of confidence + cockiness and this generally makes people -[ even their superiors at work ]- respect them so much to the point that they are “afraid” of giving them tasks but rather would have them choose their own tasks.

30. ALPHA MALES DEMONSTRATE STRENGTH. They demonstrate the ability to protect his own people and they learn to trust him more. His wife or girl friend comes to believe that she is in safe hands with him and that he can protect and provide for her and that nothing can ever go wrong so as long as she is with him. That’s the kind of strength an alpha male demonstrates.


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