Cupid Quandary (Episode Eight)

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It seemed like unfamiliar territories to him. It’s been exactly three years since he last went to a church service. But for his mother, who was usually strict when it comes to church matters, Frank wouldn’t have gone to church. He had woken up late that beautiful morning. He arrived late to his mother’s house the night before, and didn’t do any other thing except eat, and sleep. His mother practically forced him to take a quick shower and head to church.
He could hardly sing along with any of the church worship and praise songs, not even the common ones he used to know when he was regular. He also couldn’t recite the Lord’s prayer and psalm 23 when he tried to. He had completely lost touch with God and he knew it. Broken in his spirit, and full of remorse, he stepped out and moved to the back of the church, where he wept bitterly and asked God to forgive and restore him. He felt much better after the prayer and easily went with the flow, dancing and humming along with the rest of the congregation. His was a special case of “In the presence of God, there’s fullness of joy”
Momentarily, he forgot all about his worries. Neither Bimbo nor Sandra mattered to him anymore. Not even his job seemed to bring the fulfillment and happiness he got from dancing along with “happy” people in church. He would give anything for that moment to remain perpetual. When the praise and worship session ended, and it was time for sermon, and Frank was knocked back to reality – harsh reality.
Whether coincidentally or divinely arranged, the pastor’s sermon that day was titled “God is your right partner in marriage!” Frank listened with rapt attention, picking out lessons that sometimes made him say to himself “oh, I got that right!” And most times saying to himself “I goofed in that aspect!” The most important point made by the pastor, as far as Frank was concerned was, “you don’t need to expressly look for a life partner in a man or woman; you need to look for God. You’ll find him in a godly man or woman. And that man or woman is going to be your perfect partner, made possible by God.”. At the end of sermon that day, Frank made a resolution to get it right. He decided to let go of everything and succumb to God’s will for his life. Of course, he already lost Bimbo. It didn’t matter if he was going to lose his job for forgetting Sandra too. But then, he remembered that she’s pregnant for him. Letting go may lead him to more than he bargained for.
Frank waited till after lunch before talking to his mother. He waited for the perfect moment; after his mother’s favorite meal of pounded yam and egusi soup. Mrs Benson is a widow, she lost her husband fifteen years ago. She had eversince been in charge of Frank and his sister’s welfare. She’s a strong woman with high moral discipline. Very fashionable, you won’t even know she’s not as rich as she looks when dressed for an occasion or to church. She’s a manager and a very good one at that. Frank lost touch with her the moment he got a job at Rock holdings, and it was only a matter of time before he realized what he had lost.
“I have waited long for this day, and I’m happy that it has finally come.” She said in her usual “no-nonsense” manner, looking straight into her son’s eyes as if she was going to walk into them anytime soon. “I’m disappointed in you Frank. I brought you up to know better than finding yourself in a tangle between an infidel and a desperate woman. And to make matters worse, you engaged in pre-marital sex and couldn’t even take caution enough not to get her pregnant!”
She paused for a while, suddenly realizing she was talking to her son. She should encourage him, not being judgmental. So she went on, “the milk has been spilt already, we have to deal with the consequences.”
Frank remained silent all through, looking back at the piercing eyes of his mother and also realizing how wayward he had gone. He was deeply sorry for his stupidity and was determined to set things right again. His mother knew about his relationship with Bimbo, and that was all. She didn’t know when Bimbo left him, or when he got stuck in Sandra’s net.

“I have to come to you mother, I am lost. I need your advise. I still love Bimbo, despite the fact that she has left me twice. I still do not know why she did that, and I’m determined to find out. As for Sandra, I never loved her. She saved my job, and gave me a promotion at work, I wanted to be grateful and I also wanted to follow my friend’s advise. The most important decision I took with Sandra was to get back at Bimbo for leaving me, and that’s what I regret now.” Tears were beginning to flow down his cheeks. “She’s pregnant, but I don’t want her, I don’t want to live the rest of my life with a mistake”
“But that’s all you have left to do” his mother retorted. “I won’t let you father a motherless child. Or leave your child to the mercy of another man. You should know.”
Frank was shocked beyond tears. He chuckled and tried to speak, but the words weren’t coming out.
“You will learn to love that lady. You’ll father that child. And you’ll learn to accept that all you have passed through was divinely arranged by God.”
He remained still. This was not exactly the “hair dryer” treatment he had anticipated from his mother. She had caught him, and not just him, his sister also, by surprise. Frank had talked privately with Nike, his sister, before talking to his mother. Nike assured him that mummy will support Bimbo, and ask him to get rid of Sandra, even if he will have to take responsibility for the pregnancy. It felt awkward for Frank to ask his younger sister’s opinion, especially when he knows that she’s still very young and immature in love circles. But that was all he could hang on to in hope of hearing what he wanted to hear. He had projected Nike’s judgment in his mother’s, but alas, he was disappointed.
He was going to contest his mother’s decision when his phone rang. It was Dennis and he had just a few seconds to spare.
“Frank, see me as soon as you are back in Lagos. There’s something you need to know!”
Sandra entered “Grace Hotels and Suites” with Dennis. She didn’t say a word to him, all she demanded was for him to follow. He didn’t have a choice, he had to comply if he was to avoid further problems for himself. He initially thought the deal with Sandra was going to be all about finding a good lady for his friend, and simultaneously putting some “change” in his pocket, but he was wrong. The Sandra he had been dealing with is nothing short of a desperado. He was beginning to fear for what Frank would be getting into if he ended up with her. More dreading is the thought of sleeping with her, and making Frank father the pregnancy. He could handle everything, but not this one. He had betrayed his friend’s trust enough than to crown it with this one. He knew he just has to find his way out of the mess.
In no time, they both were in Room 401. Sandra adjusted to this new environment quickly, leaving Dennis to wonder if she had been using the room before now. There was awkward silence between both of them. It was not an atmosphere you would expect anything like ‘love making’ to happen. Sandra was all about her business, and she wasted no time setting herself in motion. She was originally wearing a gown and a jacket. She had pulled off her jacket and her jewelry as soon as they were inside the room. She unzipped her gown almost halfway and asked Dennis to do the rest for her.
“I can’t do this Sandra. Frank is my friend, my best friend. He trusts me with his life.” Dennis protested.
” But he will never if we don’t tell him. Some secrets just never see the light of day if you keep your mouth shut”
“I don’t want to have secrets. At least not dirty secrets.”
“You already have one. I paid you to help me get rid of that girl disturbing Frank. You don’t want him to know you sent her away, do you?” Sandra was having the time of her life. She pulled down her gown leaving only her undies on.
Of course, she’s beautiful and endowed. It will be hard for any man to resist a half naked, or full naked Sandra. She moved closer to Dennis, who was transfixed, and unbuttoned his shirt gradually. His mind resisted her, but his body gave him away. Goosebumps all over him, he was going hard under. His arms were ready to explore, his lips were fully prepared to do what he commands them to do. They kissed and it was getting passionate. Dennis was already exploring her body and they had moved to the bed. He had totally given in to the desires of his body, but he yet had a conscience. His mind raced back to Frank, and how hurt he would be if he finds out what is happening between Sandra and himself.
He got up quickly and said, “I can’t continue doing this. We have to stop!”
“Come on, we are in this already. You can’t leave me halfway. Remember, I have to get pregnant, and I’m paying you extra!”
” I don’t want your money! Go find someone else to do this!” He got into his shirt, picked up his belongings, and was moving out.
“You won’t walk out on me Dennis!”
“I’m not walking out on you, I’m walking out of all these. It’s game over Sandra. I’m going to do the right thing!”
He spoke without looking back, and stormed out of the room.

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