Cupid Quandary ( Episode Five)

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The night was a long one for Frank. His mind raced back and forth tirelessly. He was up as early as 5am in the morning, but could not leave home. He was eager to know what had happened to Sandra. Different wild thoughts ran through his head: Is the MD dead? Was Sandra involved in an accident? Was she robbed?… Or is she preg….! At that point, his heart skipped. He was waking up to the harsh reality that Sandra could be pregnant. He was mad at himself for having had sex with her. In a bid to vent out his anger, he smashed the alarm clock at his bedpost, which was ringing, against the wall.
“What is it?” Bimbo rushed into the room immediately, looking distraught. “What’s happening here?”
“Does it look like anything happened?” Frank replied in anger. “Have you come to my house to spy on me?”
Bimbo did not say a word. She stood there looking at the man she once shared lovely moments with. She could not bring herself to say anything. She had just been accused of being a spy in a room that once held so many great memories for her. She simply said “sorry” and moved out.
In actual fact, she slept at the door of Frank’s bedroom. She had said to herself the night before “even if I can’t sleep by his side, I’ll sleep close to his door; that he may wake up realizing how close I keep him in my heart.”
Frank knew he had over reacted, but he was less concerned. She deserved it. She was the reason behind the mess he finds himself. There was every possibility that Sandra was pregnant, and that greatly affects Bimbo’s chances of coming back into his life, despite the fact that he won’t deny loving her and would want her to stay. He sat back on the edge of his bed and began to ponder on what he would say to Sandra if she’s truly pregnant as envisaged. He thought of rejecting it, but he also remembered that the MD was a major stake holder in the issue. Sandra is the MD’s cousin, his job is tied to this, and invariably, his life and freedom too. Sandra’s schemes seem to have worked perfectly. He finally acknowledged the fact that he had driven himself to a point of no return.
At exactly 8am, Frank stepped out of his bedroom, fully dressed for the meeting with Sandra. It was arranged for 9am in a lounge at Lekki. Coming out, he was surprised to see the dining table already set. Bimbo looked gorgeous, despite wearing a simple gown, and Frank fell in love with her again. He saw the natural beauty and simplicity that won his heart in the first place.
“Your breakfast is ready Frank, it’s yam and egg…your favorite.” She beckoned to him, smiling in a way that sent shivers down his spine. “I realized you were going out early, I had to make do with what was available in the kitchen.”
Frank struggled to resist her charm, but he couldn’t. He was more attracted to the cook than the food. His whole body wanted to feel her against him, his hands moved towards pulling her close, his lips longed for a kiss, but he quickly remembered that he had a “life and death” meeting with Sandra – and she hates being kept standing!
“Errmmm… Bimbo, thanks for preparing breakfast, but Im sorry, I won’t be able to eat now. I have an important meeting and I can’t afford to be late.” He said regrettably.
As he walked a few steps towards the door, Bimbo rushed to him and held his arms “Frank, I suffer deep within me. I have sinned against you, and I regret my actions. I’m like a prodigal child who has found his way home. God forgives, Frank please forgive me” she pleaded as she broke down into tears. Her tears melted deep into Frank’s heart. He was moved so much that he pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, and for so long that he didn’t realize how much had passed by. When he glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:50am!

Cupid Quandary(Episode Six)

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