Cupid Quandary (Episode Nine)

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‘Miles apart, close to heart’. Such was the case of Bimbo’s return to Dafe.
Events surrounding their relationship is quite an interesting one. Bimbo resumed to camp late, she arrived Rivers State NYSC camp a day after the final camp registration for prospective corp members. Things definitely did not go well with her registration as she wasn’t allocated a room. She had no place to put her belongings, which was just a little traveling bag and a handbag. She had to sleep in the pavilion for the night and resume for registration first thing the next morning. That night, she missed Frank. She knew she would have to spend the service year getting accustomed to not having him by her side, but the thought of it scared her. She made a resolution to make sure there was constant phone communication between them. They spoke that night on phone and yet again, renewed their vows to be faithful. Little did Bimbo know that her resolve was to be tested in the following weeks.
Registration was tough for Bimbo because she had to keep up with parade activities as well. When she finally managed to finish with the registration, she had problems with the room she was given. It was a spacious room though, but it was too crowded, and the only available bunk space was not good. She was advised to see the camp director after having tried other quarters to no avail. Her visit to the camp director’s office set the tone for what was going to be a tale of twists and turns.

Dafe is a tall, handsome young man. He is highly charismatic, and has a very high persuasive skill. His ability to put smiles on people’s faces is what endears a lot of people to him. He was in the camp director’s office as a representative of Shell Nigeria. He had come to finalize terms on how his company would sponsor “Miss Shell” one of the social activities of camp for corp members. They were rounding up when Bimbo knocked and was asked to come in. Dafe’s case was that of “Love at first voice” because what made him look behind him in the first place was the sweet “Good afternoon sir” he heard. On turning to see who’s got the blessed voice, he was further mesmerized with a better face to match. He was captured! Bimbo laid her complaint without noticing the man in front of her who kept looking back to catch a glimpse of her face. The camp director asked her to wait outside, he wanted finalize with Dafe first.
She had been waiting for ten minutes when Dafe came out. He stopped her, and tried to talk to her but she was not willing to talk because she had more pressing matters. He managed to give her his card and promised to visit the camp again soon.
Bimbo was able to resolve her room issues, and settle down properly.  She kept contact with Frank, telling him about all that went on in camp except telling him about Dafe; she felt that was not necessary. She wasn’t dating Dafe, but he visited her often and they were always at the mammy market most of the time. He once tried to persuade her to take an exeat to leave camp so they could hangout in town, but she bluntly declined. She told Dafe everything about herself, except telling him she had a fiance in the person of Frank!
Bimbo and Dafe’s friendship was blossoming, they always looked forward to seeing each other and had maximum fun when he came. Bimbo was beginning to see Dafe in a different light. His charms were working on her. She had been with Frank for five years, but suddenly she wanted adventure; she wanted to be with a different guy, she wanted to take a break. Exactly two weeks after arriving camp, she kissed a different guy for the first time in five years!

The guilt that followed her kiss with Dafe was immense. It haunted her everywhere she went. She couldn’t call him because she feared he would find out somehow if she spoke to him, she wasn’t picking his calls either. Mysteriously, the guilt seemed to disappear each moment Dafe comes around. They kissed several times more, and it got intense each time. She was fully immersed in the aura of Dafe’s presence, but Frank lived in her heart. At the end of camp, she was posted to Shell, closer to Dafe than ever. She was treated like a queen on arriving her Place of Primary Assignment, and given everything she needed to have a comfortable service year. It was only a matter of time before Bimbo decided to damn all consequences and stay with Dafe. Not even Frank’s visit to Port-Harcourt was able to bring her back to her senses. She wanted adventure, she got it and she was enjoying it.
Five years can never be compared to five months. Bimbo was definitely going to miss her first love, and she did. The burning desire for Dafe waxed cold, and it was only then she confessed to Dafe about Frank and how she missed him and wanted to see him again. Dafe was angry, but decided not to take it out on her. He told himself “if you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they are definitely yours.” So he asked Bimbo to return to Frank. He nurtured little hopes of seeing her again, but always looked forward to hear from her. His prayers were answered on the day Dennis told Bimbo to leave, as Frank had moved on with another lady. Bimbo had no one else to turn to except Dafe. She resolved in her heart to stick it out with Dafe and let go of Frank, after all it was what she deserved.
Dafe was never going to let her go the second time. He immediately began wedding plans in his head. He made Bimbo meet members of his family just the second day she returned to Port-Harcourt, and made her highly comfortable.
For Bimbo, Frank was not fading fast in her memory, rather she was nurturing hatred for him! She hated him for deceiving her that he loved her when he had already moved on with someone else. She was grateful to Dennis for telling her the cold truth and saving her from disgrace. She refused to pick Frank’s calls but sent him a message not to call her again.
Dafe wanted the perfect opportunity to propose formally to Bimbo; the perfect opportunity had to be Bimbo getting pregnant, but he received his own share of heartbreak soon enough.
The night before, they had sex. He had to persuade Bimbo before she let him do it. He did it anyway, but not with the satisfaction he wanted. He wondered why he had to beg her. Something was amiss so he confronted her the next morning.
“You still think about him, don’t you?”
“I don’t understand what you are talking about Dafe” she snapped back.
“Really? What we had over the night was not sex, it was rape as far as I’m concerned. Because I had to force you into it. And I begin to wonder why at this stage of our relationship, I should beg my fiancee – in quote – for sex!” He said in a manner that revealed all the disappointment in him.
“I’m sorry Dafe. I just was not in the mood. Please try to understand.”
“Of course, I do.” He retorted. His arms were behind him all the while. He brought his left hand forward, he had something in his hands, and raised it high for Bimbo to see. Then he went on to speak,
“You’ll also have to make me understand why you used this pills after sex last night!”

Frank left Ibadan, where he had gone to visit his mother, very early on monday morning. He wanted to get to the office to sort out some files which should be delivered to the MD for signing. On his way, his mind shuffled through events of the past weekend as well as the past months since Bimbo’s service year began. His mother was right, Bimbo is an infidel. If she could forgo a relationship of five years within three weeks, she’s not worth spending the rest of his life with. On the other hand is Sandra. However cunning, she knew what she wanted, and she made sure she got it. Even if he didn’t love her now, he knew he would have to learn to do that. After all, she comes with a package. She’ll make his dreams of traveling out of the country come true, give him a job security among other things he hasn’t even thought about. His mother’s advise was perfect, he finally agreed with her. He decided in his mind to go back to Sandra and apologize for treating her bad.
On arriving office, he quickly did what he needed to do. The MD wasn’t around so he submitted the files to his secretary, and quickly made his way out of the office. All he wanted to do was see Sandra, and ask for her forgiveness. He decided to give her a call to know where she was, because she also wasn’t at work that morning, which was quite unusual of her. He picked up his phone only to realize he already had several missed calls from Dennis. He then remembered Dennis called him the day before. He called him back but there was no response. He checked Dennis at his office, but he got there to discover that he also hadn’t reported to work that morning. He was baffled, so he decided to check him at his place. He was wondering what might have happened to Dennis. Why did he make such a distress call, and why won’t he go to work on a monday morning?
He drove into Dennis’ compound at about half past ten in the morning. His flat was in the middle block, so he went straight to his apartment. He met the door opened, the television was on but no one in the living room. Dennis’ phone was lying on the rug, and there was an unfinished meal on the dining table. He called out to him casually, and sat on the couch.
“Guy, you no serious ooo, see as you leave everything open.” He said while reducing the volume of the television. He waited a moment, but got no answer.
“Guy, na bathroom you dey? Abi you dey shit? I dey wait you o!”. He listened intently, expecting a reply, but it was all silent. He quickly put way the thought of Dennis having a lady in his bedroom on a monday morning since he did not see anything belonging to a lady in the living room. But he decided to check his room anyway.
He turned the knob, but the door refused to open. He checked and found out that the door was locked, but there was a key on it. He turned the key, and opened the door…. And there was Dennis, lying on the floor, in a pool of blood, stone DEAD!!!

Cupid’s Quandary continues….

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