Cupid Quandary (episode Seven)

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“Sandra is like a daughter to me. What affects her equally affects me. I don’t know how you both have been running your relationship, but I know you are not doing as good as I expected ”
“We don’t have a relationship yet sir!” Frank retorted, totally forgetting he was talking to the MD.
“But she’s pregnant! Are you going to deny that it isn’t yours?” The MD said with a stern look.
Frank was immediately dumb-founded. Not that he couldn’t speak further, but he suddenly feared the consequences of saying what was on his mind. It will be dangerous to tell the MD that he doesn’t love Sandra. He knew it was make or break for him; he either accepts the pregnancy or face the consequences of rejecting it. Bimbo has gone again, leaving Sandra will be foolhardy. After carefully considering his chances, he thought he had decided on what he felt was best for his future, but the MD bailed him out by speaking first.
“I understand how a man is expected to react to such a news, especially when he’s not prepared for such. But I have this covered. I suggest both of you should have a weekend getaway somewhere far from here. Just the two of you…alone!”
To Frank, that was the perfect opportunity for him…to buy time. He needs to look for Bimbo. He needs to look into her face one last time and ask her if she wants to stay. Life with Sandra may not be what he had always dreamed of, but it will be much better than sticking it out with someone who flips in and out of his life. That was what Dennis had told him the previous night when he called. His whole life was in a mess, and for once, his resolve to go see his mother became the most important decision he has made in the past six months.
“I like the idea sir. I believe it will help us understand each other better and make us find a foundation for a relationship. But sir, I plead that you give me some time to think about it.”
“No problem with that, you can go think about it, but do not take too long.”
Frank was happy. He now has some time to make his final decision. All he needs his to talk with his mother. He decided in his mind that he will follow whatever she advises him to do. He was two steps to the door when the MD called out.
“Sandra told me about your relationship with some girl. I believe this time you have asked for will help you make the decision best for you. Good luck young man.”
“You promised me that you were going to get rid of her permanently. Why is she still around him?”
Sandra was totally enraged. She knows she still has a lot to do if Frank is going to be hers, and she is ready to give her all.
“Believe me, I spoke to her. I told her she had lost out, and it was just a waste of time sticking around. She has left, and I’m sure that this time around, she has left for good!”
“But Frank is still after her. Your job was to talk him out of searching for her. I can’t see anything you have done which justifies the money I paid you.”
The heat in the car was getting too much for Dennis to bear. He regretted accepting the offer to help Sandra.
She had called him that fateful evening and they agreed to meet at a place which was now their usual place of meeting. She offered him a cheque that day, and he promised to help her make sure that Bimbo doesn’t return, and in extension, Frank forgets about her totally.
“Give me some more time please. I will do everything possible to make sure Frank is yours. Your pregnancy is your joker, make sure you use it. I’ll play my part by convincing him to forget about that girl, and focus on you.”
Sandra took a long pause, she switched on the engine of the car and moved. The surprised Dennis quickly asked, “where are we going to?”
“Well, I have to tell you the truth. I’m not pregnant! But I must get pregnant as soon as possible since he already believes it. Frank will not sleep with me again, I need someone to do that.”
“Wh….wh….wh…what are you talking about?” Dennis was sweating profusely.
“Your job just got an extension!” Sandra replied and sped off.
Bimbo checked her wristwatch the seventh time in the last two minutes. She was growing impatient. All she wanted to do was run into DAFE’s arms and feel his touch of comfort all over her. At least that was all she could hope for after what Dennis had told her. She felt guilty, but she also believed it was the right punishment for her. It didn’t come as a shock to her that Frank, whom she still loves, has moved on with another lady. She earlier told herself that she will live the rest of her life regretting the day she decided to take a break from Frank.
Bimbo had been waiting for an hour when Dafe arrived in his SUV. He is a tall, dark, and very handsome man. Always looking official in his fitted suit and nice shoes. Coming out of his car, his eyes went straight in search for Bimbo. He found her minutes later and hugged her tightly.
“I’m so glad to have you back Bimbo. I thought I was never going to see you again.” His voice was full of emotion. He led her towards the car immediately.
“Like you predicted, he moved on. I have to move on too. It hurts, but I’m sure I’ll be over it. No matter how long.” Bimbo spoke weakly, and it took the hug from Dafe to release the tears that had been trapped in her eyes.
“Everything will be alright dear. I let you go because I needed you to go find out for yourself if love still existed for you in his heart. But now that you are back, I’m not letting go…never, ever!!!”
“Thank you Dafe. Thank you.”
“I love you, Bimbo”
She stopped crying, looked into his eyes and said “I will learn to love you, Dafe.”

Cupid’s Quandary Continues…

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