Cupid Quandary ( Episode six)

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“Frank, you haven’t said a word…I’m pregnant! That’s good news, isn’t it? And we’ll be relocating to the UK soon!” Sandra had been repeating these same lines for about five minutes, but Frank remained still, wearing a blank look that revealed none of the emotional turbulence that was ongoing within him.
His expectations had been confirmed, but what followed Sandra’s news beat him to an instant reaction.
Of course, traveling out of the country has been his childhood dream since childhood. Several times as a teenager, he had imagined himself boarding a plane, and such imaginations passed on into his dreams. His mother, who’s known for her gifts in dreams, also had a dream about him traveling out of the country and he had held on to that vision ever since. But this wasn’t the exact way he had hoped his mother’s dream will come true. At that point, he felt the need to talk to his mother. He immediately began planning in his mind, to visit her in the village.
His mind equally went back to Bimbo. He has forgiven her, regardless of what she might have done. He loves her dearly, but he wasn’t sure if there would be another opportunity like what Sandra is offering her now. Will he choose true love over his personal fulfillment? Confusion reigned supreme in his head. He was soon brought back to life by Sandra’s touch, who was now standing behind him and giving him a soft massage by the shoulder. “Frank, I understand how unexpected this must be to you. But this is all I have ever wanted; to carry your baby inside me. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now”
“Enough of this Sandra!” Frank finally spoke. “All these plans and schemes of yours about the pregnancy and running out of the country has been about you, isn’t it?
Sandra was taken aback, but she managed to reply. “What are you talking about? It’s our pregnancy not mine alone. It is a fruit of the love that exists between us, and you should be happy. Soon, we’ll be leaving the country, and you can easily forge new and brighter paths for yourself. You’ll forget every hardship you have gone through.”
“And who told you I have gone through hardship? I don’t need your offer to be a fulfilled man. I’m content with what I have! Do not try to seduce me with that sinister plan of yours.” Frank quickly cut her short. He began to question where Sandra might have gotten the knowledge of his humble beginnings from, but he quickly resolved within him that she must have been blabbing.

“Take a seat please.” He said afterwards. He continued after she had taken her seat, “listen Sandra, pregnancy wasn’t a part of our deal. You shouldn’t be pregnant.”
Those words felt like heavy log of wood on Sandra’s chest. She wanted to cry and pour out the totality of her emotions but she couldn’t. Frank went on, “I appreciate the love you have for me and all that, but I need to let you know the truth. I have a fiancée and I love her. We had a little misunderstanding recently but we have settled it and we are fine now. I’m sorry Sandra, I can’t leave her and run overseas with you. I think, we’ll have to do something about that pregnancy.”
“About which pregnancy? You must be hallucinating!” Sandra screamed, not minding the fact that they were in a public place. “You used me! You played me for a fool, and you will pay dearly for this! I promise you Frank!”
Sandra was causing a scene as she was screaming on top of her voice. The embarrassed Frank could do little to calm her down, but people came around to pacify Sandra. At that moment, Frank’s phone rang and the caller was highly agitated. “Oga Frank, abeg come quick ooo. Aunty Bimbo faint for house, and we don dey carry her go hospital now.” the gate man said.
“Which of the hospitals are you taking her to?” Frank was already shaking.
“New Gate Hospital. The one wey dey the other street at the back of our own sir”
“Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He quickly jumped into his car and drove out of the lounge, forgetting whatever scene Sandra was causing.
As soon as he was out of the compound, Sandra made a phone call, and as soon as the receiver picked up, she barked, “Meet me at the usual place…right now!”
Frank drove at a neck-breaking speed, he did not pay attention to any of the traffic lights; he almost knocked a woman down, and was almost hitting another vehicle. He was burning deep inside and wondering why the whole drama was happening to him. He questions Sandra’s pregnancy and motives generally, but he also appreciates all she has done in the past four months. She helped him rise from the ashes of Bimbo’s disappointment, and is now offering her a “hard-to-reject” opportunity to leave the country, but at a price of leaving Bimbo forever. The decision was hard for him to make, but the more pressing issue is finding out what must have happened to Bimbo that made her pass out. He thought about several possibilities, but the one that scared him most was the possibility that she might also be pregnant. At the thought of this, he panicked and bumped into a pothole, almost losing control but was expert enough to rescue himself. Bimbo’s pregnancy will shatter him to pieces. It will mean she came back to make him sleep wit her, so she can make him responsible for the pregnancy. It will mean he has been betrayed for the second time. He was eager to find out what the doctor would diagnose.
Without removing the key from the ignition, he ran straight into the hospital’s reception as soon as he got down from the car. After waiting impatiently for about fifteen minutes, he was taken to the doctor’s office.
“My fiancée was brought here, about forty-five minutes ago. Her name is Bimbo. She passed out…” Frank tried to explain amidst his anxiety.
The doctor calmed him down and then responded, “she has left here. She left about ten minutes ago. She was revived as soon as she was brought in, we asked her to have some bed rest but she refused. She was bent on leaving. She kept saying, “I don’t want to see him” and when we asked who she didn’t want to see, she didn’t give any meaningful response.”
Frank was shocked, he could not believe his ears. He tried to describe Bimbo to the doctor, just in case there was a mistaken identity, but the doctor confirmed that she was the one. He called the gate man to ask for Bimbo’s whereabouts, and the gate man also corroborated the doctor’s story. When he finally put a call across to her phone, it was switched off.
Totally exhausted, he returned to his car and sat inside for about thirty minutes. His phone beeped, it was a text message from the MD saying, “See me in my office first thing on Monday!”
Cupid Quandary Continues…………………………………

Cupid Quandary(Episode Seven)

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