Cupid Quandary( Episode Three)

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Frank stepped out of his home, looking nice in his tuxedo and black Italian shoes. He was prepared for the dinner organized by Sandra in honor of his promotion. He got into his car and just as he was about starting the car, his phone rang. He checked the screen and it was Bimbo!
He was excited and was frantically taking his thumb to the green button to answer the call. But then, he stopped suddenly, and allowed the call to end. He sat there wondering why he could not bring himself to pick up the call despite his excitement at first. The phone rang again, but this time, he wasn’t scampering for the green button, rather it was the red button. He needed to think!
Having ended the call himself, he revved the engine of the car, and drove out of the compound, heading straight for the dinner. He wanted to be there early enough as the celebrant. On his way, he tried to reflect on all that had happened in the past few weeks and months. He could not figure out why Bimbo would be calling him, or what she had to say to him. He was willing to find answers to those questions, but he also couldn’t risk falling back into disillusionment just when it seemed like he was rising from the ashes of heartbreak.
The day before, Dennis, his best friend had advised him, however in a rather harsh way. In his exact words, he said: “Frank you craze ooo! See wetin you turn yourself to because of woman! You don forget say your wife will never leave you, no matter the circumstance? Forget it, Bimbo is not your wife! Let her go! It is when you move on with your life that you can prove to her that you are the best she never had… and would never! If you keep brooding like this, you’ll prove to her, and all of us, that you don’t have a life without her. You have Sandra now. Appreciate what she has for you! The hardest thing for a woman to do is to approach a man for a relationship. Give her a chance and work at it, I believe you’ll be happy with her.
Those words kept ringing in his ears and they kept giving him the courage he felt he needed to get over Bimbo. He was willing to give Sandra a chance, albeit with terms and conditions. He wasn’t ready for a relationship just yet, so she would need to be patient. He also wouldn’t allow the relationship to be made public until he was felt ready to do so. Likewise, he needed to create a connection with her first, and that meant they would have to be friends for starters.
He arrived at the lounge just in time for kick-off. Top officials were in attendance as well as other staff from associate companies. Sandra was there of course! She was looking as beautiful as ever in her glowing sapphire dinner gown with matching bracelets and other accessories. She sported a nice pair of stilettos to wrap up an exquisite appearance. She was all smiles when she saw Frank and she gave him a warm embrace with a little peck by the cheek. She did not forget to tell him that he looked cute in his outfit. A gesture which he responded to with a smile and “thanks! Same as you.”
He had maximum fun and was honored with different gifts. There were positive testimonies about his service to Rock Holdings by other members of staff, and words of encouragement from the MD.
The MD in his speech however taunted him by saying “…it is quite interesting to know that such an industrious young man like this remains single! Ladies, take note!” Which attracted a cheerful reaction from the seated guests.
At the end of MD’s speech, Frank also gave a short speech in which he appreciated everyone and shared a few memorable experiences while working as a junior staff. He rounded up his speech by specially appreciating Sandra, and this came as a surprise to many people who knew about the strained relationship between them, but it was a welcome development which they greeted with an ovation.
Frank was determined to put off all his worries on the dance floor. And when it was time for dance, he was the first to grace the dance floor and everybody joined him almost immediately. After a while of dancing, he noticed Sandra sitting alone. He went to her and asked her to dance with him and while they were dancing, he gently whispered into her ears “Thank you for everything” she let out a smile and replied “I love you Frank”. Frank was not ready to let that bother him, he kept silent and just continued dancing.
By 11pm, the party was over. Frank offered to drive Sandra home, and they both got into his car. Frank noticed his phone was blinking, he checked it and discovered it was a message from Bimbo. He opened the message and was shocked at what he saw.
Cupid Quandary Continues…………………

Cupid Quandary (Episode Four)

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