Cupid Quandary (Episode Two)

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Frank drove into Rock Holdings with the gentleness of a boss who’s not under the obligation to arrive work at a particular time, and thus never late. His eyes went straight to the parking space, and the presence of the black Jeep of his boss reminded him that he was just a technology worker and not the boss he had earlier made himself to feel like. He quickly said a little prayer which had no certain theme but which bothered on “let your will be done, oh lord.”
He knew he was in for some trouble and the best he could hope for was another warning which he would gladly accept and heed to. He was losing himself gradually and he knew it. That was the fifth time he would arrive late for work in two weeks! To make matters worse now, he’s too late…even the boss was earlier! He checked the big wall clock hanging at the reception and it was 11:15am, but what bothered him more was the lady he bumped into!
There was no love lost between Frank and Sandra, the senior operations manager. She’s known as the MD’s cousin and she is also a departmental head. More than thrice had she offered herself to Frank, and each of those times did she meet a brick wall. She had been making life hellish for Frank ever since and that fateful morning she had another opportunity to nail him to the cross.
He couldn’t hide and he wasn’t preparing to do so. He simply said his greeting and went straight to the Time book to sign in when he heard “Stop! Frank.” He looked behind and it was Sandra as he had expected.
“Come with me!” She ordered, and Frank followed her straight into the office.
All eyes were on him as he made his entry into the main hall of the company. Many of the workers were discussing in low tones, and giving him a warning look that seemed to be ominous. He knew the end has arrived for him at Rock Holdings. He prepared his mind to receive his sack letter with a smile and even give a short speech of appreciation to all who’s worked with him.
On getting to the entrance of his office, Sandra turned to Frank and said, “You have arrived late yet again. The boss has been on seat since 7:45am, and he’s been looking for you. See him quickly and join me in my office afterwards.”. She left him fixed and frozen on a spot as she went towards her office. He came back to life after a few seconds, adjusted himself a little bit and headed upstairs for the MD’s office.
His knock on the MD’s door was weak and lacked confidence. He had to do it five times before the rich baritone voice of the MD gave him entry.
“Good morning sir” he said, not sure if he wasn’t making the situation worse than it already is.
“Where have you been? I have been to your seat about five times already!”
“Ermm… Sir, I had a….” Frank stuttered as he tried to find a weak defense for himself.
“Don’t waste my time, I have a lot to accomplish today!” the MD passed him a letter “This is for you. I have prepared it since 8am this morning and you have kept me waiting till now. Sandra told me you went to the clinic, I can only hope you feel better after reading that.”
Frank didn’t feel he needed to open the letter. He already knew what was in it. All he needed to do was to pack whatever belonged to him in the office, give his impromptu speech, and take a heroic final bow. His job would be the second casualty to Bimbo’s heartlessness after he having lost himself. “Thank you sir.” He muttered as he made to leave the office.
“You have barely opened the letter Frank. I advise you do that.” The MD retorted.
Frank turned around and slowly opened the letter while fixing his gaze on the MD, to have a clue about why he demanded the letter opened in his presence. He looked into the letter and he immediately felt an explosion in his belly. What he saw hit him like a grenade, he couldn’t utter a word.
“Yes Frank. The board made the decision yesterday, but I had to wait till this morning to let you know about it.” The MD announced. “I decided to deliver the letter to you personally because I wanted to be the first to congratulate you. Keep up the good work, and this will be the least of the heights you’ll attain here. Once again, congratulations!… Get whatever you need from your old office and move upstairs, you are now a senior staff of Rock Holdings!”
Frank was shell-shocked and didn’t exactly know what to say or what to do. He managed a big smile and said a hearty “Thank you sir! I’m highly grateful for this sir” He moved quickly towards the door to break the news to everyone downstairs. He had barely touched the knob when the MD called out
“…And Frank, you have Sandra to thank for this. She made a special case for you at the meeting yesterday.”
“Hmm…alright sir…I’ll definitely do that.” He said as he left the office and made his way downstairs.
Descending the stairs, many thoughts rushed through his brain. Why did this sudden promotion come on a day like this, when he had expected a sack letter? What had he done to Sandra to deserve such a kind gesture? All he thought of Sandra was a lady who was desperate to have a man in her life. He had always wondered why she singled him out of all the men in Rock Holdings, and would never stop despite telling her severally that he was engaged to someone. Now she has facilitated a promotion for him and therefore meant that she had made a strong case for herself. As he took the last step off the stairs, he asked himself what Sandra might ask in return for the favour. He fought hard not to imagine what it could be.
cupid's quandary“Congratulations Frank! We’ve all been waiting for you.” Sandra said as Frank approached her office, and the whole room applauded and shook hands with him while some others hugged him to congratulate him. He felt humbled and was moved to tears because he didn’t think this much love still existed for him anywhere. Bimbo had made him feel love was just an illusion.
“To celebrate Frank’s promotion, there will be a special dinner in his honour tomorrow night at the lounge.” Sandra announced and gestured towards Frank to follow her as she went into her office.
“Thank you Sandra. The MD mentioned your effort.” Frank said as he entered after her into the office.
“It’s nothing Frank, that’s the least I could do for a man I love so much.” She moved towards Frank, holding his hands. “I want you to give us a chance. I love you Frank. And I’m willing to prove it to you at any level.” She pleaded and she kissed him gently.
Frank didn’t resist as he would normally do. He felt that would make him an ingrate. He didn’t have any feelings for Sandra, a relationship with her would be a waste of time. He wanted a serious relationship with someone he desires, and would want to spend the rest of his life with, not someone he doesn’t connect with. He stared at Sandra for a long, saying nothing.
Not that Sandra wasn’t beautiful, in fact she was one of the most beautiful female staff of Rock holdings, and richly endowed too. But he didn’t have any romantic feelings for her and did not expect anything of such to happen between them.
Finally he spoke: ” Sandra, today has been too eventful, and right now I need a coffee break to get myself composed”
“Of course. You are the Assistant General Manager! You can come in and go out of the office when you deem fit.” Sandra pointed out. “We’ll talk later today. But I need to let you know that I’m not asking you to return the favour. I did what I did for love.”
“Alright Sandra. I understand and appreciate you for this. Thank you so much.” Frank replied, making sure he wasn’t saying too much and thereby not committing himself into anything he wouldn’t be able to handle.
Frank was relieved to know that Sandra didn’t require that he should date her to return the favour. But he was moved with pity for her, considering himself in her shoes. He still loved Bimbo and hoped that she would return someday. But the reality remained that Bimbo was gone and far away in Port-Harcourt. Sandra had appeared, he didn’t feel a thing for her, but she had done him a huge favour which he felt the need to pay back. He was in confusion and didn’t know exactly what to do.
On his way back home after work that day, he decided to see his best friend Dennis, whom he regarded as a relationship expert above anything else.

Cupid’s Quandary Continues……..
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