Cupid Quandary II (Episode Five)

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Frank listened with rapt attention as Susan related Bimbo’s story. Beyond the story, he peered into Susan’s eyes all through the time she spoke, trying to detect if she was lying. He found it hard to believe the story.
According to Susan, Bimbo got into trouble with the camp director and it was Dafe who helped her out. Of course, Dafe made advances towards her but she wasn’t willing to accept his proposal. Later on, out of gratitude to him, she decided to play around with him, just for the period of being a corper. But things took a wild turn and emotions were heightened and she fell for him. She got back to her senses after a while, and that was when she missed Frank and decided to come back home. She knew she had done something very bad and didn’t deserve to be forgiven, but because she loved Frank and still wanted to be with him, she came home anyway, hoping for a miracle.
Everything had seemed to be working perfectly, Frank seemed like he had forgiven her, but she later found out, through his friend Dennis, that he was lying to her. Dennis told her to go back as Frank had found happiness with another lady. She felt ashamed of herself and couldn’t bear looking into Frank’s face one more time. She passed out and was rushed to the hospital. She was glad when she woke up in the hospital and Frank wasn’t there, so she quickly found her way and left the hospital before Frank arrived. Consequently, she returned to Port Harcourt to meet Dafe. But since then, her heart still clinged to Frank and she yearned for a return to him.
“…trust me, she’s sincerely sorry. She regrets her actions and will be willing to make things right once and for all. She however knows you have moved on with another lady, she only seeks your forgiveness.” Susan submitted finally.
Frank took a deep breath, leaned on the table, shook his head and was putting up all sorts of gimmicks just because he didn’t know what to say. It was the last thing he expected to hear; that Dennis was the one who actually told Bimbo to leave? He found that hard to believe. His mind went back to the paper (Dennis’ suicide note) which he was holding in his left hand. He read it again, wondering why the letter had to stop at “Bimbo is your one true love, but Sandra is a…” Could Bimbo be linked in a way to Dennis’ death. His imaginations were beginning to take a wild turn. For a moment, what he once felt as love for Bimbo turned to pure hate. But he knew better than to conclude quickly.
He had developed feelings for Sandra. Bimbo mattered very little to him. But he needed to see her, to question her about what she might know about Dennis’ death. He wondered how he would react if he found out she knew about what had happened to Dennis. Above all, he questioned Bimbo’s decision not to come on her own, sending Susan instead. After taking a while to ponder his tactful reply, he finally spoke.
“I have heard all you said. And I must really say it’s sad. I’m particularly sad that Bimbo has been passing through all that. It’s true I have another woman in my life now, but I remain unmarried. A lot has been happening on this side too, and a lot may still happen which may change the course of our lives. Honestly, I have been searching for Bimbo too, and I must confess, you are a saving grace…” He took a pause, cleared his throat as if he had a cough, but all he wanted to do was have a glance at Susan’s face again to search for clues. After a brief moment, he continued.
“Err…I beg your pardon please. Can you give me her phone number please? We really need to talk.” Frank inquired.
“I’m sorry sir. She specifically instructed me against that. Rather she requested that I get yours. She wants to reach you herself.” Susan replied quickly.
Frank sat back, he felt there was foul play somewhere. But he just couldn’t quite place his hands on it. But he spoke:
“My number hasn’t changed since she left. We dated for over five years. She knew my number by heart and should still know it. Tell her to call me when she’s ready.”
“I would love to take necessary precautions sir, just in case she happens not to remember…giving me your number will be the better option sir.” Susan was adamant.
“Err…Miss Susan, let’s just leave it that way. If she doesn’t remember, my house hasn’t changed. She can come to Lagos and we’ll have a discourse.” By now, Frank was up. Susan stood up too, and they both started walking away from the pavilion towards the gate.
“Thanks for coming Susan.” Frank continued speaking. “One last thing.” He halted, looking straight into Susan’s eyes. “I understand that Bimbo is sober and willing to make right her wrongs. I understand that it may not be entirely her fault afterall. But I do not quite understand why you came all the way from Port Harcourt to plead on her behalf. Now, the question is, why are you doing this?”
Susan stopped, obviously surprised at the question. But she gave a smile and walked out of the gate, already opened by John while Frank watched on in more confusion than ever before.
He walked back into the house and picked up his phone. There was a message waiting for him; it was from the MD.
“Make an effort to see me before the week runs out.”
He had to be at his best. He led her to the shower to have a warm bath, and prepared a quick meal for her. Contrary to what he had bragged to do, he didn’t bother to ask where she was coming from and what got her sobbing. He was just glad his angel had returned to him once again. Something in him got him convinced once more that Bimbo was for him, she just cannot and will not leave him. As he went about his activities, he smiled happily and whistled his favorite love tunes.
He washed all the dishes in the kitchen and tried to put the living room in ‘average’ order while Bimbo had her bath. Dafe prepared rice with beef and orange juice. He was waiting at the table when Bimbo came out of the bedroom. She was looking refreshed, much more beautiful than he had ever known. Her dimples warmed his heart as she managed a weak smile upon seeing the little wonder Dafe had performed on the dining table in such a short time.
Dafe stood up as she approached the table. He led her to a chair, served the food and filled their glasses with the orange juice. He said a short prayer to bless the meal and finally sat opposite her.
“Thank you Dafe.” Bimbo muttered, as she picked up a spoon.
“You are most welcome dear. Don’t mind the taste, I had to rush through. But I promise to prepare something better later.” Dafe responded with his mouth full.
For a while, the only sound across the room was that of the spoons against the plates. Dafe ate with a voracious appetite, inspired by the joy of having his angel back. Bimbo was very slow, but ate steadily. They caught each other’s glances severally but didn’t speak a word.
Bimbo wondered why she still struggled to love Dafe. She knew he deserved to be loved in return, but her heart remained attached to Frank. She had sent Susan to Lagos to meet Frank, first to declare her guilt and apologize for her misdemeanors, and secondly, to inquire if there might still be a chance for her in his heart, regardless of the new lady whom Dennis had told her about. Bimbo desperately hoped Susan would return with good news, she was willing to make things right with Frank. But she also told herself that if Susan comes with a negative news, she will have to let herself learn how to love Dafe and appreciate him more. She looked at him again as he ate and felt a sense of pity for him.
Bimbo’s spoon suddenly hit something strange in the food. She quickly used her spoon to figure it out.
“What is this?” She announced, as she tried to pick out the strange object with her spoon, and after taking a closer look she discovered it was a ring.
“Bimbo, be my wife please.” Dafe replied, already in front of her, on his knees.

Cupid’s Quandary comntinues ……………………

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