Cupid Quandary II (Episode Nine)

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Kola Ajayi became restive. He sunk into his chair with his arms folded firmly against his chest. His eyes sparked fire like Sango-the yoruba god of thunder. Fixing his gaze steadily on Sandra, he spoke sternly. “Go on and speak; I only hope what you have to say will be a lasting solution to all this mess!” He warned.
Sandra had already begun to regret pouring out her mind to him. Despite the fact that she was no longer afraid of him, she had to be careful. She knew what she had to say would not go down well with him; surrendering voluntarily to the police was the last thing Kola Ajayi would be willing to do.
“I’m waiting” he shot out. “There’s fire on this mountain, the quicker we put out this fire, the better for all of us my dear”
Sandra knew she had to find an alternative solution, she needed to come up with something to at least calm the MD for the moment. So many random thoughts came to her mind, but she could not quite figure out something to say. Fortunately, Frank came in to save her blushes.
“What’s happening here?” He inquired, switching his eyes from one to the other. “This silence is a bit awkward, I hope nothing has happened” he tried to feign ignorance. Even though he was not much of a good actor, he knew he had to be at his best just as the detective advised. He couldn’t afford to give them a clue of the turbulence that was in his mind.
“There’s nothing happening. We’re happy she’s alive and well. We were just expecting you to return from the doctor’s office. What did he have to say?” The MD replied Frank, but his eyes were on Sandra, and those eyes carried a lot of threat.
Frank sat on the bed with Sandra, smiling cheerfully  as he held her hands. “The doctor just gave some tips on how to take care of her. He prescribed some drugs and exercises to help her fully recover. She’ll be discharged tomorrow.” Frank reported, hoping his lie was convincing enough. He got his answer when the MD heaved a huge sighof ‘relief’.
“Well then, I guess I’ll quickly take my leave now. I have a meeting with a client, and its important I don’t miss it. I’ll be back later in the day to see how she’s doing” the MD stood up quickly and fumbled through his pocket for his keys. He took one last glance at Sandra in a way to tell her to keep her mouth shut, but Sandra didn’t seem to care; all she did was smile.
Frank moved closer to Sandra and gave her a tight hug as soon as the boss left. “I’m so glad you are alive. I feared the worst would happen. I missed you so much” he said.
“I missed you too Frank” Sandra replied honestly. “It feels good to come back to life and still find you by me. I thought I had died too, the whole experience has been humbling, and now I know better.” She burst into tears. “I’m tired of everything, I want to make everything right, I want to be free!” She was beginning to raise her voice, but Frank managed to calm her down.
“What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re fine?” He inquired feigning ‘honest ignorance’.
Sandra sat upright on the bed, and rested her back against the wall. Still weeping, and with her head in her hands, she managed to speak amidst her tears. “Frank, I want to tell you all that has happened, especially in this past year. A lot has happened to get me to this point, and I think I should tell you all you need to know.”
Frank was excited, but he maintained a calm face. He quickly looked in the angle of the camera, hoping they were well positioned to be caught. He also carefully switched on the small voice recorder in his pocket which the detective had given him.
“Go on” he said, “I’m all ears”
The MD went straight into his Jeep. His hands were trembling; he couldn’t bring them to start his engine. He was sweating profusely, and couldn’t make up his mind on what to do with the keys in his hands. Looking back over the years, he realized he had been in the centre of all the atrocities committed, and he deeply regretted that the person whom he did everything for was threatening to cast him out to public shame.
After Kemisola’s death, it was logical for Kola Ajayi and Sandra to end their affair so as to quell the suspicions of the other workers. Both continued with their lifes and went about their work diligently; everything became strictly official between them. They met occasionally at the lounge to discuss work, but their relationship was kept as formal as possible.
Kola was very glad when Sandra told him about what she felt for Frank. To him, that was the best way to cast away glancing eyes from him. He was ready to do anything to make Sandra and Frank’s relationship work; after many unsuccessful attempt to make Frank notice Sandra, the MD decided to run a background check on him. It proved a wise step as a lot of useful information was uncovered…
Kolawole Ajayi learnt that Frank had a girl friend, Bimbo. He also had a very close friend he held in high esteem: Dennis. Bimbo would have to be eliminated, and Dennis’ influence would be harnessed. He paid Dennis a surprise visit, and discussed issues with him. Dennis was shocked at such a proposition and blatantly refused, but as the saying goes, “everyone has a price”. After he was offered a sum of five million naira to start with, he took up the job and promised to deliver.
Luckily for Dennis, Bimbo was preparing for National Youth Service. He got her call up number with the excuse of trying to help her arrange for her deployment to Lagos. He however met with the person who claimed to help people with the posting and specifically asked him to post her to Rivers state. The possibility of redeploying meant nothing to him as he was ready to make sure it didn’t work out. Mission one was completed. Bimbo left for Rivers State for her Youth Service, and was eventually posted to serve in Port-Harcourt.
Fortunately for Dennis, things went wrong between Frank and Bimbo, and that created the perfect loophole for him to exploit. Frank looked like he would never give up on Bimbo, not even the sack threat from the MD was enough. After so many futile attempts from Frank to get back with Bimbo, Dennis advised the MD to give Frank a promotion, making him indebted to Sandra, and therefore increasing the chances of their being together. It happened as planned, and Frank got close to Sandra, mission two was completed.
The trio of Dennis, Sandra and the MD was thrown into panic at the sudden return of Bimbo. It immediately became Dennis’ job to do something about it, and fast! He was successful again as Bimbo vanished into thin air.  But events took an unexpected turn when Sandra suddenly demanded that Dennis sleep with her. Dennis would have none of it, and he threatened to back out of the whole plan. It became necessary for him to be kept at bay so Sandra demanded that Dennis be convinced to do her bidding. The MD however became wary of a likely situation where Dennis’ role would become too much to handle; he felt he had to employ Bertola’s evil services.
Dennis was eliminated, but Bertola claimed not to have pulled the trigger that killed Dennis. After Sandra was rushed to the hospital, the MD went back to Bertola and he revealed that he got to Dennis house that fateful morning but things took an unexpected turn.
“I found him in his bedroom, writing very fast on a paper. He seemed to have been expecting me, and as soon as he saw me, he asked me not to kill him. He said he would love to do that himself because he felt he deserved it. I was surprised, I had never met someone so willing to die, and just when I was trying to decide what to do with him, he quickly pulled out a pistol and I ran to safety. I expected to hear a loud gunshot but I didn’t, so I carefully crept out of hiding to find him lying dead on the floor. He had shot himself in the head but his gun had a silencer attached. I didn’t really know what to do, I just took the gun and left immediately.” Bertola explained.
He didn’t kill Dennis, but at least he was a party to it. No one would believe he didn’t do it and he was not ready to be put to such ridicule. He couldn’t face his children to tell them he killed their mother for the sake of a mistress.
“Rather than fall alone, we’ll all fall together!”
He dialed Bertola’s number. He couldn’t quite remember how many times he’d vowed not to engage Bertola’s services ‘again’ but as always, he had no choice and this would be the most important service he needed the hired gun to render.
“Hello” Bertola answered promptly.
“Meet me at the usual spot, we have urgent business.” The MD said, gathering strength to start the engine and drive out of the hospital premises.
“Susan, I’m done for! Dafe knows, he knows everything!” Bimbo was all over Susan’s room. Pacing back and forth.
“Calm yourself. You can’t be hundred percent sure. He only mentioned it out of jealousy and curiosity. If you continue like this, you’ll only confirm his suspicion.” Susan explained.
“I don’t know what to do? Should I still go to Lagos to see Frank? Will that not be enough to confirm his suspicion?” Bimbo was totally distraught, she was at her wit’s end and she was ready to hang on to anything at all to survive.
“At this point, you’ll have decide for yourself who you really want to be with. Going to Lagos means you are letting Dafe go. Staying back here means Frank has to move on with another. The ball is in your court dearie.”
After about twenty three minutes of dead silence between them, Bimbo finally spoke.

“I’m going to Lagos!”

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