Cupid Quandary Season II (Episode One )

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Dafe’s SUV pulled up at the main entrance of the NYSC secretariat. He had come to drop Bimbo for the weekly Community Development Service (CDS) which took place every friday. The CDS normally commenced by 9 in the morning and they had arrived just fifteen minutes before time.
It was chilly in the car due to the AC, but the atmosphere between Dafe and Bimbo was very tense. He had totally changed towards her since the discovery of the pills which she used to prevent herself from getting pregnant. There were less romantic conversations and outings between them afterwards, as he made everything formal. He seemed to enjoy it that way as nothing on him suggested he was passing
through the inner pain that had greeted Bimbo’s mind ever since.
“Here we are” he finally broke the silence. “You might have to find your way home by yourself, if the meeting at the office starts earlier than expected” he said without looking at her.
“Don’t bother about coming to pick me, I have decided to spend the weekend at the staff quarters. That’s where I’ll go after CDS” she replied, without turning her face as well. She was wearing dark shades, and that made it easy for her to cover the tears that was welling up in her eyes. Her voice gave her away though, because they were trembling.
“That’s okay. I also plan to go see my parents this weekend. It means we’ll see on monday. I’ll give you a call though” he finally turned his face and gave her a peck, which caught her by surprise. Bimbo got out of the car and took
a step backwards, but as Dafe revved the engine and went on a reverse, she called out to him.

“Dafe, I’m sorry! You have punished me enough for the past one week, I can’t bear this anymore. Please Dafe” she finally let her eyes shed those tears.
“Stop this Bimbo! You can’t be saying this here.” Dafe seemed to be less concerned about the tears than the embarrassment her tears might cause. “Let’s talk about this when we see. Take care of yourself” he said and drove away.
Bimbo found a clever way to clean the tears that streaked her face and made her make up run. She turned around to meet waiting faces of her CDS members who always seemed to marvel at her looks. She had once felt that some of the
girls were jealous of the fact that a car always dropped her for CDS meetings, but later found out that she wasn’t the only one who got lifts. She joined the meeting which was about to start and sat next to her only friend in the CDS, Susan.
Susan’s friendship with Bimbo began from the NYSC camp. They were members of the same platoon, and also were both in the volleyball team. Though they crashed out in the semi-finals, Susan was the best volleyball player in the team and she had a lot of admirers which included Bimbo. She was very outspoken and a typical “No nonsense” lady whom Bimbo found very amusing and fun to be with it. Bimbo on the other hand was a gentle soul, she didn’t talk half as much as Susan, but they got along quite well due to the mutual understanding
between them. Their friendship got a hitch when they were both posted to PPAs too far from each other, and the only connections were through phones and CDS meetings. Even at the meetings, they hardly had time to talk because Dafe, the chauffeur was always waiting at the gate to take Bimbo home after meetings. Susan knew very little about the relationship between her friend and her chauffeur.
She had always told herself that it was not none of her business to inquire about Bimbo’s relationship, but this morning she couldn’t help but notice the runny makeup, the teary eyes when Bimbo took off her shades, the broken voice and the weak smile. After the meeting, which was mostly about preparations for the passing out corpers’ send forth program, they both decided to visit the cafeteria close to the secretariat. After settling down to eat, Susan decided to probe.
“I noticed you were not looking fine this morning. Don’t tell me you are fine, because I know you quite well. And you know I don’t usually do this, so…talk to me” she said with a cheerful smile that was strong enough to break Bimbo’s defenses. Ordinarily, Bimbo didn’t like discussing personal issues, but she felt Susan was friend enough to know what she was passing through. Not because she might have a solution, but Bimbo wanted to just pour out her heart to someone.
She planned only to talk about Dafe, but somehow found a way to divulge the whole story about Frank. By the time she concluded, she was shocked at how much she had revealed in a short space of time.
“Wow! Bimbo, you amaze me! You went through all these and didn’t tell me until now.”
“Forgive me Susan, I don’t find it comfortable talking about my problems.”
“I figured. But you agree that a problem shared is half solved, don’t you?
Bimbo gave a weak smile, and replied, “that’s only if there’s a solution on ground to the problem.”
Susan took a pause and said, “what if there’s a solution now?” Bimbo scoffed but Susan seemed to be sure of what she was saying.
“Bimbo, I can help you!” She affirmed with a straight face
Kolawole Ajayi, the MD of Rock Holdings stared into space,
sitting in his car, wondering what was taking Bertola so long to arrive. They had scheduled the meeting for 5:30pm and he
was already thirty minutes behind schedule. It was not very good for him to linger too long in the bush path as he might begin to attract suspicion.
He couldn’t wait to pay Bertola off for his service in killing Dennis. He promised himself that it would be his last time of involvement in such a cruel venture. Even though he didn’t expressly order the death of Dennis, he gave them the option of killing him if he refused to comply to terms.
The MD waited for about ten more minutes, clutching the brown envelope which contained Bertola’s balance of 200,000 Naira. He tried his number again but it gave the same response of unavailability. He was getting set to leave when Bertola appeared from the other side of the road in his
car. He parked at the other side and called the MD through the phone.
“I’m sorry to have taken your time sir. I needed to take
necessary precautions, because this whole thing might just be another set up. We are clear now, let’s get on with business” he said
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“It’s alright” the MD replied. All he wanted to do was to drop the envelope and go. “I have your balance here, you should come for it”
“Thank you sir, but I think it’s going to be the other way round. I have your initial deposit here sir.”
“What are you talking about?” The MD was growing impatient.
“I’m returning your money because contrary to what I told you about Dennis, we didn’t kill him… We met him Dead!”
To Be Continued………..

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