Cupid Quandary(Episode Ten)

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“Oh my God!” that was all Bimbo could mutter. She had been caught and she knew it. At that point, it would no longer be safe to find excuses. Genuine or fabricated, it won’t be accepted. She sat on the bed and burst into tears.
“Dafe, I’m scared.” She said, amidst tears.
“Scared of what?” Dafe replied, not sure if he should be angry with her or pet her.
“Scared of what might happen if I get pregnant for you. I don’t want to get pregnant for a man I’m not sure about my feelings for, when I know it only sinks me deeper into the possibility of getting married. I need to be sure of what I feel. I know I shouldn’t be referring back to him, but he remains my in my heart. I have sincerely tried to push him out of my thoughts, he just won’t go. You won’t believe that…”
At that point, she stopped short. She quickly realized that it would be disastrous to totally confess to Dafe that she had been making herself believe that it was Frank having sex with her the night before. She tactically changed what she had to say.
“You won’t believe I almost called him yesterday. It’s not been easy for me, but I’m trying. I want to be with you, that’s why I’m here. But I need time Dafe, I need time.” She continued, still sobbing.
Dafe was totally confused. He knew it was the truth. No lady will forget a relationship of five years in five minutes. Moreso, her case is special. But here he is, in love with a lady whose heart is still yet forget her former man. He let her go the first time, but she returned. What would letting her go the second time amount to?
He finally managed to speak as he sat next to her, cuddling. “Bimbo, don’t worry. Everything will be alright soon. If time is what you want, you have the whole of it. I understand. Just make sure you get him out of your mind because he has moved on, you need to move on too.”
With those words, Bimbo felt warm. She hugged him and burst into uncontrollable tears again. Dafe only kept assuring her that everything will be alright, but in his mind, he vowed never to touch her again until she comes good. And if she takes too long, he will have no other choice but to let go the second and final time.
Frank fell to his knees, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He pinched himself severally, hoping he would wake up from the bad dream. He couldn’t believe he was watching his best friend, lying dead in a pool of blood. Who could have done this? For what reason? Dennis was an easy-going type. He avoided trouble as much as possible and was security conscious. The tears were now freely flowing. He didn’t know what to do first, he just kept scrambling around his pockets for his phone. Took him about five minutes to realize that the phone he had been searching for in his pockets was actually in his hand. He called the police and asked them to come over.
Frank went outside to meet the gateman, hoping he might be able to give out vital information before the police arrived.
“Aliyu! Come quick abeg” he called out, standing a few metres away from the entrance to Dennis’ flat. Aliyu answered quite grudgingly because he had just been called while trying to woo a lady who comes to sell pap to him. Nonetheless, he left what he was doing and stood in front of Frank.
“Who be the people wey don enter this house today. I mean people wey no dey live for inside this compound?”
“People? Oga na only one person come here this morning, and he talk say na from oga Dennis office he come from.”
At that piece of news, Frank started sweating all over.
“Did Dennis see him off? I mean, did he come outside with the person when he was leaving?”
“Oga Dennis no comot o, na only the man comot with paper for him hand. He talk say Oga Dennis go dey house today, say he don sick for house”
“Oh my God!!!” Frank was disappointed. “If you see the man again, you recognize am?” He inquired.
“I no sure ooo, but I fit try.”
“Good, the police will be here anytime soon and they will ask you some questions, just make sure you answer them and tell them all you have just told me.”
Aliyu instantly started shaking at the mention of Police. “Oga wetin happen, why you dey call police for me?”
“Not you, your oga…. Dennis has been killed!”

Aliyu couldn’t believe his ears. He ran inside the house and immediately let out a loud cry after seeing the horror. Just then the Police van arrived with an ambulance. Two policemen, one in uniform and the other in mufty, walked into the bedroom to inspect Dennis’ body.
“When did you find this out, Mr….” The Police Detective in mufty asked.
“Mr Frank sir. I came here around past ten, just about fifteen minutes ago.” He replied quickly.
The police detective made a few observations around the corpse, and around the eyes. He went outside to talk to Aliyu, who gave him the exact story he had earlier given to Frank. The detective moved around the compound to find out if there are people still around in the other flats, but Aliyu told him they had all gone to their respective places of work.
Frank and Aliyu were led to the police station to make statements as the corpse was packed and taken to the morgue.
Sandra was all over the room. She was afraid, sweat dripping all over her despite the cold atmosphere created by the AC.
“I didn’t ask you to kill him, I only reported him to you just to help me convince or threaten him to do what I asked of him. Now we are in trouble, the police will soon be on our trail, our names will be on headlines of newspapers for murder, the shame and humiliation of sleeping in a police cell, appearing in court and being sentenced…oh my God! I’m done for!” Sandra was already apprehensive at this point.
“Calm down and stop shouting!” The MD ordered. “Now sit down there.” Sandra reluctantly agreed, still agitated.
“Now let me make you understand what you don’t know. Killing that boy was the best option.” The MD said, coldly.
“How can that be? Taking someone’s life, because of what?”
“He was given a choice; it was either he accepts to do what you have asked him to do or he dies. Unfortunately, he chose to die. Sandra, you need to know that you stand the risk of losing everything if that boy went ahead and told Frank about all we have been doing. I did it for you.” The MD explained.
“But, the police. What if they find out?” Sandra replied, a bit calm this time around.
“They won’t. I made sure of that. I knew things might come to a point like this, so I made provisions for it from the beginning. That was the reason I asked you to meet him in strange places away from public eyes. Also the reason I bought you the SIM and the phone, so you won’t have to call him with your own number. I remember telling you never to specify your name if you text him. What you’ll do right now is destroy that SIM!!!”
“It’s not here with me, it’s at home. I hope it’s not too late.” She retorted, seemingly afraid of what might happen if she doesn’t do it as soon as possible.
“No problem yet. It means you’ll go home quickly and destroy the SIM, and even the phone, if necessary. But, you must act normal as if nothing has happened, else you’ll give yourself out, and I will be far gone before you realize it.” The MD further instructed.
Sandra, now acting fully composed despite the raging storm deep within her, stood up quickly and was getting her bag when she remembered something.
“Errm, what do I do about the pregnancy I faked for Frank? How do I explain to him now?”
“I don’t think you want any more complications to this issue my dear. Find a way to get him into your bed again or let him go. There will be other men. I have tried my best for you on this one.”
That statement seemed like a huge stone had been thrown at her, she replied instantly “No! I’m not letting go, not again. You convinced me to let the last one go. I’ll give this all my best, I must keep Frank!”
“It’s your choice Sandra. Just know that I won’t go beyond this point to cover anything for you. And as you go out of here, the first thing that should be on your mind is the destruction of that SIM.” The MD spoke as Sandra walked out of the room. He plunged himself into the couch and heaved a huge sigh of relief….or victory.
Frank had been waiting for about an hour, deeply frustrated about the way the police were going their duty. He had written his statement but he wasn’t allowed to leave. Aliyu was been questioned and it was taking too long. He was totally out of patience and was ready to vent out his frustrations at the counter when his phone rang.
“Hello, am I speaking to Mr Frank?” The sweet female voice from the other end said.
“Yes you are, who are you please?” He replied quickly.
“I’m calling from Holy Trinity Hospital at Ikeja, your fiancée is here with us. She has just suffered a miscarriage. She’s in a stable condition now but she asked me to call you to come around.”
“My fiancée?” Frank was shocked! He didn’t have a fiancee, but if the word “Miscarriage” has been mentioned. No other person could be involved. “Alright, I’ll be there as soon as possible, thank you.” He replied as the lady hung up.
Quickly he rushed to the counter and in a mixture of frustration, apprehension, anxiety and some sense of relief, he spoke “My fiancée is in the hospital, and I have to see her quickly.”
Moments later, he was released (Aliyu was held back. He was asked to go in company of two policemen to Dennis’ office and try to identify the said person who had visited Dennis earlier in the morning) but Frank was told to report back the next day for further questioning.
He gave Aliyu some money to cover his transport back home after he must have been released, and immediately sped towards Ikeja.
Everything was happening so fast; he had lost his best friend under highly mysterious circumstances, and now Sandra has lost her pregnancy. To some extent, it was a relief to him, but on the other hand, that pregnancy suddenly meant so much to him. It was all his mother craved in order to get a grandchild soon, it was all he had since Bimbo left him the second time, it was what Dennis wanted him to accept (at least in memory of his best friend) and finally, it was his passport to traveling out of the country, his childhood dream.
“Sandra, you MUST get pregnant again!” He told himself, and surprisingly found himself smiling about the idea.
He was led to Sandra’s ward as soon as he had seen the doctor and was confirmed as the person she wanted to see. He held her hands and spoke words of comfort to her.
“You’ll be alright dear. I think you over stressed yourself.”
Sandra was surprised. She didn’t expect him to show this care. On the contrary, she had expected him to grasp the opportunity to back out of her life for good. But it seemed like a miracle to her, and deep in her heart, she was grateful to God, even though she knew that a lot had gone behind the scene.
“I’m sorry Frank, I really wanted to keep this baby for us.” She replied, sobbing.
“Don’t worry baby, God will provide another for us. We’ll work at it, and get another baby coming soonest.” He assured her, with sincerity written all over his face.
Sandra was further taken by surprise. She knew immediately that she had won the battle for his heart. But she also realized the cost at which the battle had been won. She understood that she might be haunted by guilt if she stuck around for too long. Especially the possibility of the police finding out about Dennis’ death.
“Frank, our plans to travel still remain intact. Get yourself prepared. I want us to go make the baby in the UK, away from all the troubles we have both faced here.” She said, hugging him.
They both did not speak about Dennis. She believed he was yet to know of his death, moreover Frank didn’t know she had anything to do with Dennis, talking about him will bring suspicion. He didn’t talk to her about it either, because he felt the miscarriage was enough trauma for her, and there was no need telling her about his dead friend. That can be said later.
It has been a turbulent nine months in his life, this was not the best of decisions to arrive at, but this does it for him. He has lost his one true love and also lost his best friend. If Sandra remains his only source of happiness and love, so be it.
“In life, you don’t always get all you want” he told himself as he basked in the aura of Sandra’s warm hug, hoping for a good life without Bimbo.

Season II ( Episode One)

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