Deep pain

by - 3:24 PM

I walk so tall
Like all is fine
And sealed it with a smile
Like all is well
I had been used and refused
Badly treated and hurt
By those heartless men
Who wore angelic masks
And made promises they broke
See her taking a step
Like miss independent
Deep inside she’s a lovely girl
A man to love her, she still need
One to give her a throne she deserves
Every night her pillow sucks her tears
All her trust is looted
By lies that sail on those tongues
Tounges which promised her love
Tall she walk
Like a hard-to-crack nut
Inside she is so soft
Many took advantage
Her beauty she blames
For men lied to her because of it
Her heart swim in lake of tears
The love she was promised, came so bitter
You see her so strong
It’s all an act
She’s been crucified
In the name of love.

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