Dining Etiquette

by - 3:18 AM

1: The napkin should sit on your lap and not on the table. When the food arrives unfold it, and place it on your lap then use it frequently as you eat to ensure your face is free of debris. If you have to get up while you are eating, say go to the bathroom, just gently place it next your plate, don’t fold it. As soon as you return and sit down, keep it back on your laps.

2: Don’t eat till everyone’s ready to eat. If new people arrive after the meal has started, make sure to stand up and greet them to then sit and continue your meal.
3: You start with the fork on the far left corner and with the knife on the far right. And eating with the cutlery starting from out to inside.
4: Keep your mouth closed when you eat. No one of your company wants to watch you eating your food. Or hear you smacking!
5: You should avoid be leaning over your food. Bring your food to your mouth, gently, not your mouth to your food.
6: Say “please”, “thank you”, or “excuse me” to every situation in which they may be appropriate and always say “excuse me” when you get up from the table. It will show that you respect others that are sitting on the table with you.
7: Keep your elbows low, don’t put them on the table. There is enough cutlery on the table and the elbows aren’t any of it.
8: Use body language to get the attention of your waiter. Never call for him loudly or snap your fingers.

9: Don’t touch your phone. This isn’t the time to toy with your phone or gadget. You should give your company full attention this time.

10: When you’re finished eating, place your cutlery together on your plate and keep your space clean.

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