How Long

by - 3:21 PM

I wake up in the morning,
Sit in a chair by the window
Looking out dreamily,
Gazing at the morning sunshine
My heart keeps beating at the pace of a ticking clock.
Each time I turn into a street walking slowly in the sunshine;
My head jammed,
I deep my hands into my pockets
Head down depressed,
Each time I snuggle further down my thinking faculty.
I bring myself beneath millions thoughts encapsulate to one question of how long?
When I gazed at those youlths walking along the street in the morning sunshine, waited leisurely at the corners for cars to pass; not because they feared cars but they had plenty of time as a result of joblessness.
This makes sweat trickle down my temples,
My lips hurry wide and loose,
I wipe sweat with my back of my hands,
Spluttered, choking, sinking to my knees,
And pray to to the Creator,
Say Oh! Lord!!
I want to see beyond my windows,
I want to be free
not just like a butterfly but also like a bird.
I want to fly so high in sky.
Oh!  Lord!!!
How long will my caterpillar will turns to butterfly.
How long will I be able to play my role to make the world a better place.
Written By : Eyitayo Fasasi

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