If One looks at your face

by - 3:38 PM

If one looks at your face
Your bosom, your waist
He will see laughter
From the teeth of crocodiles
And wash his face again.
Your eyes are the kitchen stoves
Whose fires will never quench
Not even in Noah’s flood,
Your eyes are where we may roast
Stones to bread for famished mouths.
Your breast, milk-melon multiplied
To cure the thirst of multitudes
Enough for my famished mouth,
Enough for my hunger-dredge gullet
I claim against tooth, nail, and water.
Your waist is the continent’s coast of Gold,
Draws envious claws to pillage,
But there, is my mine of laughter
Crowned with the glitter of dust,
Round it I make a fence of fire with my arms.
And when a stranger comes
Beaten by streets and winds
To lay camp beneath your roofed eyes
You wash his face with his lost laughter
And kill one more crocodile from the neighbourhood.
As I was taught when I was a child;
I believed that cock is the most beautiful living creature,
not until I gazed at that nascently Angel of my heart with a golden succulentious skin.
Now I see marvelous creature that marvel every soul of runny blood that entrap in the womb in their
Early year.
I marvelled at the glamorous beauty that gives spicy to my future sight not myopic again.
You are as fresh as tomato jos,
But not easily fade as it is,
You are a symbol like a rose,
But not as it last for only some period.
When I was In a solitary soul,
Sighing about the world,
Once I close my eyes so to image a well sculpture face of yours,
Relief runs through my vein.
Whenever I gazed at you, I tried to close my eyes just to gazed at paradise because you are one of the angel in the paradise.
Whenever is raining
I tend to have sympathy
for the heaven, especially on your born day,
I tend to value your presence in the earth,
cos heaven always weeps incessantly
when he remember the lost angel to the earth;
Which is you…
Written By: Eyitayo Fasasi

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