Play Hard Game ( Episode Eight) - Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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Sami went back to where he left Josephine .he felt guilty leaving her all alone for almost 10 minutes .The call from his lawyer was unexpected but it gave him opportunity to continue with his plan. He was   approaching her when he noticed the note in her hand. It was the same note he kept for years. The note, which he didn’t, dare lose since it brought back vivid memories of the past. It gave assurance that he was not solely responsible for the ill statements he made to her, but her brother Emmanuel. Somehow it helped him eased his conscience everytime he thought of Josephine. The note reminded him also of how stupid and weak he was five years ago. He was a coward who gave in to the threat of her father Patrick.
At nineteen, he was so vulnerable, timid, immature and very idealistic. His life revealed around Josephine. Every actions and decision he’d made involved her. He was so in love with her that everything he did was for her. He thought that their relationship was perfect and nothing or no one in the world could ever separate them until her father made him realized that their relationship was not a bed of roses at all.
He intentionally left his wallet slightly open on the table so she could see her old picture. Knowing her so well, she would instantly take her picture away from him. In the process, she would see the note that Emma gave him. He became so desperate for her to listen to his explanations. He wanted to tell her the truth, but she wouldn’t give him a chance to explain. The only way he could think of was for her to find out the note and read it.
Josephine looked at him with stormy eyes. What is the meaning of this note? She blurted at him.
Sami felt silent. He was tongue tied and stayed frozen on his feet. He didn’t know where to start explaining to her. He just continued to stare at her. The things he prepared to say vanished like a smoke. She crumpled the note and tossed it at him. Tell me! I know this is Emmanuel handwriting. Did he tell me all of these?
He sighed and clenched his fists. He was speechless and paralyzed on his feet.
Sami did father threaten you? Tell me the truth! He just nodded and put his hands in his pants pockets.
My God, why did you do it? Why did you fall on his trap? Her eyes widened she couldn’t believe how easily Sami gave in to her father’s threats. The Sami she knew was full of courage, strong and magnificent. There was no trace of weakness on his part even when he was a teenager.
I want to know the truth! Tell me!
Okay. I’ll tell you the truth…
Because I was stupid, a spineless jerk! I was not man enough to defend our love. I was a coward; I listened to his threats instead of fighting for you. I gave in easily, got scared and stayed away from you. Yes, that’s Emmanuel’s note … he … he told me to say those words to you.
You are really a jerk. She stood up and went nearer to him. I know and I regretted that every single day. I didn’t know what to do at that time. I was haunted with his threats. He would rain my family, our business without firing a shot. He said he could send my father could do that he could destroy anyone. He had no fear. But why? What did you do to make him threatened you like that?
He ran a hand through his hair and rubbed his hands. I broke my promise. She sighed. The promise not to touch you intimately until she was of right age. She knew about his promise to her father,, and they both tried to avoid any sexual encounter in their relationship. Somehow, promise would be easily broken especially for two people who were young and head over heels in love with each other.
It started when Emmanuel caught them kissing in the basement of the Patrick’s mansion. Emma punched Sami so hard that his nose broken and was bleeding profusely. The fighting immediately stopped and Emma helped his friend’s bleeding stop.
I trusted you with my sister, and yet you are charming her? I thought you are my best friend.
I love her, ever since.
But she’s my sister!
Sami groaned loudly. Why not?
Am I not good enough for her?
It’s not that. But she’s still a kid
only fifteen. She’s allowed to have a boyfriend after university years. That’s too long, seven years from now. Yes Dad won’t be too please if he knows about this.
Michael Patrick didn’t just express his displeasure but even threatened Sami. My daughter is only fourteen. You know how much we adore her. She’s everything to us. We almost lost her when she was a child. She is our most precious gem and we have big plans for her. She will finished her university and help run our business. And you young man is not concluded in that plan. We may be good friends with your family even business partners but… one wrong move from you, and then I’ll make sure I destroy you and your family even business. He tapped Sami’s shoulder forcefully.
Sami stiffened and tried to look so tough. I love your daughter. So much Sir. I won’t hurt her.
Hmmmmmmm… you shouldn’t. You would like me if I’m angry Sami.
You heard how Patrick deals with our enemies, right?
Y… yes Sir. Sami swallowed a lump in her throat. You are lucky my daughter loves you. I just can’t throw you in the middle of the ocean, Josephine will hate me for sure and Emma will lose a best friend. He laughed. I’m just kidding. I experienced being in love.
Sami’s face brightened. A sense of hope suddenly overwhelmed him. I will allow you to continue your relationship with Josephine, in one condition. Promise that you will never ever touch her; she’s too young to get involved in any physical relationship. Do you understand?
Yes sir I understand. I promise. Good!
How did he found out? Josephine’s question brought Sami’s mind to the present.
Emma found a pregnancy kit in your bathroom.
My God! She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. That’s not mine. You know about that?
Yes, my Aunty Stephane used my bathroom used my bathroom; I also saw the pregnancy kit She left in there.
Emma suspected it was yours. He reminded her of her brother’s wrong doing.
Josephine fell silent. She was guilty too. She made Sami broke his promise. Often times she begged for his kisses. She wouldn’t be contended until he deepened their kiss. She was encouraging him for intimate relationship until they couldn’t control their needs anymore. The first time it happened during their first year anniversary. They did it in a hotel room of a secluded hotel owned by Sami’s Family in Lagos. The second time was in his car, then countless times in his room.
What exactly did my father tell you when he found out you broke your promise?
He inhaled heavily and sighed. I don’t want to ruin your relationship with your father. Sami said. At least it was the truth. He knew if she found out her father’s threats. She would hate him so much and possibly wouldn’t ever forgive him.
She nodded her head understood. She knew Sami wouldn’t let her hate her father and Emmanuel, despite what they did to their relationship, and how much hurt they inflicted. Sami valued her relationship with her family.
But eventually, she would confront them. She would force them to spit out the truth. She hated them now for what they did to her and Sami. Her father and Emma were both the same, so protective and possessive, not to mention domineering and manipulative.
She looked at Sami with very sad eyes. He was looking at her with the same emotion. The hurt they felt five years ago started building up inside them again. They didn’t know who initiated it firs, but they hugged each other tightly and comforting each other to soothe the pain away.
Sami couldn’t control his feelings anymore. He touched her hair and ran his hands up and down her spine.
Josephine listens to me. He said clasping her face with his hands. His eyes sparkled that brought a promise of a bright tomorrow. We could start all over again. I love you so much. I never stop loving you’
She slowly pushed him away. No I can’t.
Why not? Please give me a second chance to make things right. He almost pleaded his eyes held hers.
I told you I can’t. I have a boyfriend. It wouldn’t be fair.
He fell silently for a while. He looked like he was in agony. He was breathing so hard. His face reddened and his lips thinned. Do you love him?
She bowed her head and rubbed her temple. Then she looked at his eyes and said….
Yes I love Michael Collins!
To be continued....

Play Hard Game Episode 9

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