Play Hard Game ( Episode Five) - Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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She didn’t answer him.
He rubbed his hands together and turned towards
the door. When he was about to open the door, she
stood up and went nearer to him.
“Did you kiss me in the tub?” She asked with courage.
She wouldn’t have peace of mind unless she knew the
truth about the kiss, if it was real or just a dream.
He sighed and stared into her eyes. “Yes. I’m sorry…
I couldn’t help it, you looked so beautiful and you still
affect me so much… I couldn’t stop feeling the same
way I… ”
Sami wasn’t able to finish his words. Josephine slapped
his face forcefully.
He didn’t look stunned or shocked when he stared at
her. He was expecting it to happen. He touched his
face and said. “I deserve it.” Then he was gone.
“Why did you send her here? Damn you Emma! We
have hundred hotels in the Abuja, why here of all
places! You know I’m focusing on this project from
start to finish.” Sami blurted angrily at his friend,
Emma Patrick on the phone.
“Calm down. What are you afraid of, huh? Josephine is a
grown-up woman. It’s time for both of you to settle
your differences. She is now joining the company so,
expect frequent encounters with her. For Christ’s
sake, you broke up five years ago, I’m sure both of
you already moved on.” Emma pointed out.
“She still hates me.” Sami said cradling his phone
between his ear and his shoulder. He was taking his
clothes off for a cold shower before going to bed.
“What do you expect? This is the first time you meet
again after five years. Don’t worry she won’t hate you
for long.”
“Really? Why?”
“Yes, because she’s inspired right now. She has a

Sami suddenly felt like someone stabbed a knife into
his chest and twisted it repeatedly. He could not
understand why she still affected him so much.
“Boyfriend?” Sami repeated what his friend said, to
make sure that what he heard was right.
“Yes, an artist.”
“And you approved of him?”
“Actually… No. But I don’t have a choice she’s old
enough to decide for herself.”
Sami gritted his teeth, rage abruptly overwhelmed
him. “HA! Good for her.” He said sarcastically and
was pacing the bathroom now, with a towel wrapped
around his hips.
“See? She’s finally over you.” Emma said obviously
trying to provoke his friend.
Sami sighed. Deep inside him didn’t like the thought
of Josephine having a boyfriend, and getting over him.
“Well, that’s good to hear then. Isn’t that what you
want?” Josephine said sardonically.
There was silence on the other line. Then Emma
replied. “There’s no need to sound sarcastic about it
man, you know it was for the best at that time.”
“For the best?
 For whom? Keep on saying that to
yourself, Emma, maybe it would help ease your
conscience and reduce your feeling of guilt.”
“Sami, we already settled these five years ago. The
issue was irrelevant now.”
“Yes, but I regretted what I did.” Every single day,
since we broke up. He wanted to add. “I shouldn’t
have listened to you.” Sami shook his head, still
couldn’t believe how coward he was five years ago, in
facing the problem at that time. Because of his lack
of courage, he had to endure the consequences of his
“I love my sister. I’m just doing what’s best for her.
Besides, it’s your fault too, you broke your promise.”
Emma snapped at him.
Sami fell silent, running his hand through his hair.
His promise. Then he answered. “I know.”

Later that night, Sami was in bed. He couldn’t help
thinking about Josephine. ‘She’s even more beautiful and
gorgeous now.’ He thought.
He remembered her sleeping in the tub, naked.
‘Damn it, I couldn’t erase the image out of my mind.’
He said to himself. She was still the most beautiful
girl he’d ever seen. He felt guilty of staring at her for
several minutes and feasted at her beautiful face and
naked body with his eyes. He was indecisive, whether
to wake her up or just leave her alone. But the
animal side of him wouldn’t rest until he tasted
those sweet soft lips again.
As expected, she freaked out. He already anticipated
that slap. He deserved it and much more, not just for
kissing her, but also for hurting her five years ago.
Since the night they broke up, their communication
was cut-off. Josephine didn’t contact him asking for an
explanation or reconciliation. She cut him out of her
life, and he did the same to her.
Sami admitted to himself that he missed Josephine, so
terribly. How he wished he could turn back the clock
so he could amend what happened the night of her
sixteenth birthday. He could not believe what
possessed him to allow Emma to dictate him to say
those hurtful words to her, but most of all, he
regretted being a coward, spineless and weak to face
Micheal Patrick’s threats.
Ever since they were kids, he always found her very
beautiful. He enjoyed chasing her, and she liked
being chase. She would say, “Catch me, Sami” and he
would agree without any second thoughts.
Every time he caught up to her, he would tackle her
onto the grass and tickled her sides. She squealed
and squirmed, trying to get away from him. She
would laugh so hard and encouraged him to chase
her more. Her laughter was music to his ears. He
would tell her stories and jokes that would make her
laugh even more.

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