Play Hard Game ( Episode Four) Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

by - 6:33 PM

Josephine’s eyes widened a combination of
shock and fright. She stared at Sami who
was smiling mischievously at her with a
gleam in his eyes.
“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghh!!!!!” Josephine
screamed at the top of her lungs,
immediately crossing her arms over her
breasts and pressing her knees together up
to her chin to cover the most private part of
her body.
Sami was so stunned of her reaction and
stepped backward. “Jesus Christ! Be quiet!”
“What are you doing in here? Get out!” She
shouted at him with embarrassment. Her
eyes roamed around the bathroom looking
for a towel, a robe or any cloth to cover her
naked body.
He opened a nearby drawer and produced a
white towel. “Are you looking for this?” He
raised one eyebrow and extended the towel
towards her.
Josephine looked at the towel and extended her
right arm to get it from him. Just when her
fingertips touch it, he moved it a few inches
away from her.
She gasped and yelled at him. “Give it to
me! You bastard! Arrogant, jerk!”
“Whoah… calm down. That’s a very nice
thing to say after five years of playing hide
and seek with me, huh?”
“I’m not avoiding you, don’t flatter yourself.
Give me that towel!”
“Yes you are sweetheart. You want this
towel, COME AND GET IT.” He said
emphasizing his last four words and
dangling the towel with his fingertips in
front of her. His eyes lingered at her face.
“You really are a pervert… a maniac… OH! I
hate you more for this! ”
“Pervert? Maniac? I’m shocked. Your choice
of words are getting worse sweetheart.” He
shook his head and giving her a crooked
“I’m not your sweetheart!” She looked at
him with daggered eyes. “You are really
enjoying this. Well, mister, I’m not giving
you a satisfaction of seeing me naked, YOU
“Jesus! I can’t believe you could utter such
word. Where’s the demure, innocent, naive
Josephine I knew? Huh?” He laughed
sarcastically making her angrier.
You shattered her. She wanted to shout at
him, but prevented herself to appear so
weak in front of him. She remained silent
and gave him a piercing look.
“Honey, I’ve seen you naked before
remember? And just awhile ago…

 I savoured your nakedness with my eyes.”
He said and smirked at her.
“What!? Oh God… I hate you!” In a flash she
stood up and ran to grab the towel in his
hand. But he was so fast, he hid the towel at
his back and encircled his right arm around
her. Josephine’s arms were around his waist
trying to reach the towel at his back.
“Give it to me, you bastard!” Josephine yelled
and felt victorious when her hands got hold
of the towel. Just when she pushed him
away from her, both of his arms tightened
around her. “Let me go.” She snapped at
He raised one eyebrow and giving her a
flirtatious smile. “In a minute.”
“What do you mean in a minute? Let me go,
now!” She said pushing him forcefully.
He finally released her and watched her
wrapping herself with the small towel. She
looked so hot and beautiful in a skimpy
towel. Her skin flushed and glimmered from
the water. He decided he wouldn’t just
easily let her go. He had been waiting for
this moment to happen.
“What are you doing in here?” She asked
angrily at him.
“I should be the one asking you that
question. What are you doing here in my
pad?” He said arrogantly and shifted his
feet squarely facing her.
“WH…at? This is your pad?” She was
“Yes, MY PAD.”
“I… Peter… gave me this room… and…” She
said still feeling confused.
“Stupid boy, he knew I’m coming tonight.”
“He knew? Oh God!” She went towards the
master bedroom and remembered her
luggage were still downstairs. She looked at
her dirty clothes on the bed.
She turned around and saw him following
her. “Ok! I get it. If you don’t mind, I need a
little privacy so I can get dress and leave. If
I have known, I would never set a foot in
here. Peter failed to inform me that you
occupy this room.”
She really hated the man. She couldn’t
believe she was caught in this very
awkward situation! For years she avoided
meeting Sami. Several social events and
parties she failed to attend in the past five
years for fear of meeting him. She hadn’t
forgiven him and the sight of him made her
blood boiled.
Then she remembered her dream just a
while ago. Did he really kiss me? Or was it
only a dream? She thought. She bit her lips,
until she felt pain. No, I don’t think so. It
was only a dream for sure.
“You can stay here. I’ll use the other room.”
Sami said.
“No thanks. I would be too happy to move
at the bunkhouse.” Anywhere in the world,
as long as I am too far away from you. She
wanted to add.
He gave her a crooked smile and said. “You
never changed Josephine, still so spoiled and
hard headed. You can’t stay at the
bunkhouse with the men. Besides, I don’t
want your brother or your father accusing
me of being a cad.”
“Why not? That’s what you really are.”
He raised an eyebrow and said. “You really
hate me.”
“No, hate is too subtle to describe what I
feel for you, loathe is the most appropriate
word. I despise you and I can’t bear being in
the same place with you, not even for a
single minute.” She snapped angrily at him.
He sighed staring at her intensely.
“I’ll get your luggage downstairs so you can
get dressed and take a rest.” He said and
went out of the master’s bedroom.
She was sitting on the king-sized bed with
her arms around her. Her heart was
pounding, her face felt hot with anger, she
felt like everything that transpired five
years ago came back, her confrontation
with Sami during her sixteenth birthday. The
things he said haunted her. ‘You are so
clingy…possessive… demanding… I want
freedom from you!” Her tears started
pooling in her eyes, and she was holding it
so hard not to shed a single tear. She didn’t
want Sami to see her cry now and ever
After a minute, Sami knocked on the door
before he opened it. He saw her sitting on
the bed. She was not looking at him when
he entered the master’s bedroom, totally
ignoring him.
She looked so young and beautiful hugging
herself. He wanted to comfort her, protect
her and kept her safe. Something stirred
inside him. An uncontrollable feeling that he
kept hidden for five years. He admit he
didn’t like the thought of her ignoring him,
avoiding him and most of all hating him.
“Here’s your luggage. You can take a rest
now, don’t worry I won’t bother you, even
provoke you again. I understand that you
couldn’t bear to see me. I’ll do my very best
to stay out of your way. That’s the least that
I could do to ease your hatred on me.”

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