Play Hard Game (Episode Nine)

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Sami’s facial expression was unreadable. The blow of her declaration stunned him. An immediate mixed feeling of rage, pain and jealousy overwhelmed him that led him speechless. He was shaking his head, couldn’t accept what he’d just heard and clenched his fists on his side so tightly.
No I don’t believe you. You don’t love him. You still feel something for me Josephine admit it. Your lips may say differently but your eyes never lie. He blurted at her.
Feel? All I feel for your now is hatred Sami. You hurt me so much. How can I ever love you again?
He reached for her face but she evaded his hand, moving a step away from him. Don’t touch me.
Why not? Are you afraid that if I touch you, it would melt the walls you built between us? I want to be with you forever Josephine, I love you. I will give you my heart, my body and by soul.
Stop it… please stop. She pleaded and went towards the shore. She needed time to be alone; she was so upset that she wanted to cry. She wanted to think and analysed the whole situation. She couldn’t gasp what really happened and wanted so badly to understand her father, Emmanuel and Sami. But now she couldn’t help feeling so deceived by them. They were just the same, so protective, possessive and controlling. She hated them so badly. She was walking at the shore when she noticed a young boy and a girl playing in the sand. The boy was building a sand castle and the girl was just looking at him. The girl tried to get mad so he chased her until he caught her. She shrilled with laughter and giggled when the boy tickled her side.
Josephine sighed. They reminded her when she and Sami were young. The chasing and laughter they’d shared. They were so happy and so much in love. She always thought Sami as her prince charming. Her knight in shining armour, her defender and protector, had now, she realized everything was a lie. He deceived her … he couldn’t defend their love. He should have told her the truth about her father’s threats. He didn’t trust her.
Josephine, she heard Sami said behind her. We need to talk; she just ignored him and continues to walk away. Please listen to me. I’m in pain too. For five years. I kept my distance away from you. I did what your father wanted me to do, to give you time to grow up and finish your studies.
She finally faced him and poked a finger on his chest. Then you should have told me the truth! Instead of hurting me and breaking up with me on my sixteen birthday. You gave me sweetest birthday gift of all.
I’m so sorry. Emmanuel gave me a note that night and your father gave me threatening look every time we met that evening. I didn’t have a choice at that time. I made a wrong decision and I regretted it. Please … I’m begging for your forgiveness. Give me a chance to make it right. I love you so much.
I can forgive Sami, but I can’t just turn back the hands of clock as if nothing happened. We are grown up now, and our lives changed. I have Michael Collins now, I love him so please just let me go and let me be.
That evening, they went back to the hotel quietly. Sami was full of rage and pain. He was driving so fast, making her nervous at the same time she was so relieved when finally they arrived in the hotel.
Thank you for the dinner was all she said when she went out of his car. Sami just looked at her and nodded. Then he drove off without saying a word. That evening Sami didn’t return in the hotel.

Josephine was getting worried where he was and what happened to him. Why he wasn’t coming back to the hotel. She must have hurt him so badly. She hated Sami for being so stubborn. He refused to understand that she already moved on. She had Michael Collins now, who was to loving, caring and very understanding. She believed he was the perfect man for her.
The following morning she asked Lucas where Sami was, but he didn’t know where he was.
He left the hotel again last night and he didn’t come back.
Oh may be he went to his girlfriend in Sokoto and a hotel room there Lucas shrugged.
Josephine couldn’t contain sudden jealousy she felt. He has a girlfriend in Sokoto?
Yes Engr. Victor mentioned that he is dating a famous model actress. Besides he is a very handsome rich man. Many girls would volunteer to be his girlfriend. She sighed and jealousy she felt she was eating her nerve. She hated herself for wasting too much time thinking about him. Well probably Lucas is right. She’s with his girlfriend
Damn Sami declaring his undying love for me and all the while he had a girlfriend.
No wonder he went to Sokoto last night.

Play Hard Game Episode 10

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