Play Hard Game (Episode Seven) - Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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Sami was driving maserati quarttroporte at its turbo limit, from Abuja to sokoto. He was so upset that he stomped the accelerator forcefully. He wanted to drive so fast and furiously until he would fly. He was a man with no fear. His thoughts were fogged with Josephine’s image. He wished he hadn’t met her now. His life became dysfunctional again. Since they broke up, he tried to blot out her out of his life. He concentrated on his studies and excelled on it. After he earned his Civil engineering degree at UNILAG. He started working as regular employee in their family multi-million Naira real estate and property development business, the Mensah Land Group Incorporated. He dated many girls and slept with few of them. But still he couldn’t forget Josephine’s beautiful face, her sweet scent and the taste of her lips. She was like a puppy that couldn’t let go, like a drug addiction, like the only way for survival to Sami. There were times when he follow Josephine whenever she went. Every time he missed her so badly, he would be contended seeing her in a distance, in the shopping mall where she usually hung out every Sunday with her friends; outside their house in the front garden where she reads her favourite book, and in the park where she usually go biking with Emma. It hurt him seeing her so sad too and seldom smile.
He suddenly stopped the Maserati in a secluded road. Oh God! I want her back, so badly. I’ll do anything to make her forgive me even if it would take years I don’t care. I’ll prove to her how sorry I am for what I did. He groaned. I’ll make her realized that we belong together. He cursed himself again, for what he did five years ago to her, he regretted sating those hostile words to her. And now, he was paying the consequences of his action. He ended up miserable devastated and desperate for her. He started the ignition again and maneuvered the car since he was a teenager; it kept his mind alert, focus and helped released all his anger and tension.
How are you love, I miss you already.
I miss you too Collins. How’s your art exhibit?
Fine I sold all my works. Michael Collins said happily.
Wow that great. I’m so around of you. she was so happy for him, she knew how much he worked hard for his first art exhibition in Los Angeles, US.
Thanks love. I wish you were with me. I know.
I would be happy to be with you but Los Angeles is too far to Abuja. I need to finish this project within three months. This is a big break for me too.
Its okay love. I understand. But next time, I’ll make sure that you are with me. I’ll keep my fingers cross. She giggled her. How long do you intend to stay in Abuja? May be a week more, why?
I miss you a lot already. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Hmmmmm…
May be I will follow you there;
Here in Abuja ? Oh! Michael
Yes love I promise?
That evening Josephine was restless in bed. She was so excited to see Collins, but why was it that Sami’s Image often popped out of her mind? She looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table, it was already twelve midnight but she hadn’t heard Sami came back in the penthouse
where he is? Did he eat dinner?
Sami had a bit of skipping dinner when he was a teenager, may be he’s still doing it now. She groaned and hated herself for worrying about Sami. She didn’t give a damn about him anymore but why couldn’t she stop thinking about him. She recalled what he said earlier, that he didn’t meant what he said five years ago, he wanted to explain and that he suffered too. She sighed. He doesn’t deserve a chance to explain what he did, he hurt me so much. Any explanation would not change the way I feel for him. She thought. She eventually decided to go down to the kitchen to drink milk to help her sleep. She was in the kitchen when she heard Sami came in the front of the door. She suddenly felt so relieved that he already arrived. She pretended scanning the fridge contents when he entered the kitchen.
Good evening, she heard him said to her. She grabbed the bottle of milk and slowly turned to him.
Hi …
He was staring at her, Gus eyes roamed from her face, down to her body and legs. She forgot that she was only wearing a very skimpy lilac nighty. Shame suddenly overwhelmed her. She crossed her arm around her chest and pulled the chair in the kitchen table to sit down. I bought you some doughnut. He said while walking towards her. He put the box of doughnut in front of her. Where did you get this from?
I went to Sokoto
You went to Sokoto ? Thats 2hours drive from here! I drive fast so it takes only an hour.
Are u crazy? You could kill yourself.
Her eyes widened. She was suddenly mad at him. He was so stupid driving so fast and night! No I’m a good driver. Besides I was hungry. Oh God, you are really an idiot. Didn’t your parents warn you to drive slowly? Aren’t you afraid of dying? He smiled at her and said. I thought you want me dead. He took a plate and a small glass kitchen drawer and placed it in front of her.
Sami, I hate you but it doesn’t mean that I want you dead. I don’t wish that for you. So you still care for me, he smiles flirtatiously at her. He took a doughnut from the box and places it on her plate. You wish. She grabbed the doughnut and ate it heartily. Hmmmmmmm…. This is delicious. He sat on the chair opposite her staring at her smilingly. Are you happy? Huh? She raised her eyebrows with doughnuts? Yes of course. Thank you
A feeling of happiness overwhelmed him. He poured the small glass in front of her with milk and pushes it to her side. He looked at his watch and checked what it is by the time. It was twelve fifteen in the morning. Finished your milk Josephine. It’s getting late.
Five minutes later, they went up the stairs together. Sami opened her bedroom door sleep well. Thanks goodnight. She said she was about to shut her bedroom door when he said. Do you know the date today?
Its 20th of the month, right? She said raising one eyebrow. Nope its 21st its past midnight remember? It’s our month-sary. He teased her.
Sami … what do you want from me. She sighed and said in a whisper. You Josephine, all of you, please give me a second chance. He drawled. Please stop flirting with me Sami. I have a boyfriend now. I love Michael Collins. He is so gentle, loving and caring. He is the opposite of you. And …. I couldn’t ever forget how much you hurt me. For years, I was miserable because of you. You hurt me again and again. She said to him with pleading eyes, before she closed her bedroom door.
Josephine was staring at the food on the dining table. A plate with 2 pancakes another with 2 slices of sweet ham and a cup of brewed coffee. In the side was a sandwich in zip-lock bag and a bottle of orange and pineapple juice for her , she thought he was overdoing things, trying to please her as if he was courting her again. She already made it clear to him last night that she had boyfriend and stopped flirting with her. She didn’t welcome his prince charming acts anymore. She looked at the food again; it was so tempting that she decided to have full breakfast. The whole day, she was with her staff lay outing the hotel rooms according to the type of accommodation. The superior or luxury rooms were bright and beautiful with a choice of pool or beach view. The club rooms where club guests treated with big beds, sofas and lounging area. The suites whether executives. Luxury or grand luxury suites provided plush living, with dining areas and large elegant bedrooms. The royal suites have an enclosed patio, wide open rooms with floor to ceiling windows and oversized bedrooms. The presidential suites have high ceilings and impressive wood paneling with marble during table bathroom.
Tayo, I’ll assign you to discuss every detail of the changes we wanted in each room to Engr. Victor, do it today so his men can act on it right away. Josephine said while pacing the bare room. Don’t worry Miss Patrick; I’ll meet him this afternoon. Tayo answered.
Thanks I already emailed our order to our upholstery suppliers in Italy and France. I hope they can deliver it within 2months.
I’m sure they can anyway I already called Tade. She already contacted antique dealers of furniture in China and in the Hungary. Racheal butted in.
That’s great. Shows very reliable girl. I envy Emma, having her as a personal assistant. She said, yes, but she looked so weird Tayo laughed loudly.
Rachael laughed too with her dark-rimmed eyeglasses, so kinky ugh! Big hair, braced teeth… and the way she dressed, like an old maid. Ha! Ha! She resembled Ugly baboon.
Hey stop Tade is a nice girl, very efficient and devoted to her work, she worked with Emma for 2years already, right? She asked Rachael. Yes she could bear your tyrants brother’s attitude because she’s secretly in love with him. But big brother has an eye for supermodels like Tiwa Savage, Beverly Naya, and Von Nelson, Rachael said. She didn’t mind that she referred to his boss as tyrant, because it was so true. Emmanuel never smiled or greeted his employees; he fired anyone in just a snap of his fingers. He was so hard to please and he always looked down at people around him. He thought he was God, so superior and almighty.
I don’t think so. Tade has a journalist boyfriend since University. I saw them together at TBS last New Year’s eve. He was so gorgeous. Tayo defended Tade
Really? Josephine and Rachael said together, looking so shocked. Yes believe me.
At five in the afternoon, Josephine was standing near one of the floor- to- ceiling windows of the room they occupied as their office. Her eyes roamed at the panoramic view of beach memorizing every detail of its beautiful scenery. She was rubbing her neck when she heard someone said behind her. ‘Tired’?
Sami, her heart beat suddenly gave a lurch. The strain she felt was immediately over shadowed with strong sexual pressure. Her heart pounded so loudly that it felt like it was about to leap from her chest. She turned around slowly and saw him leaning at the side of the opened door. The impact of his presence, the lure of his jet-dark hair and olive skin suddenly turn her legs jelly. Oh! God why am I feeling this way towards him again? She asked herself.
His intense stare not leaving her face,

registering her paleness and shadowed eyes.A bit. She replied
Come; I’ll show you something was all he said.
What is it?
He didn’t answer but just turned around and walked slowly towards the elevator door. What is it? She asked again. Curiously and followed his trail. Unaware how she immediately fell for his irresistible charms.
Where are we going? She asked again. When they entered the elevator, but he just gave her infectious smile.
When they arrived at the ground floor to where his Maserati was parked. She suddenly stopped following him.
No I’m not going anywhere with you. She said and walked back to elevator door. Josephine please, just trust me his voice almost pleaded. Just tell me where we’re going. She sighed and turned to him.
Okay. To a place where we could relax and have a delicious dinner. It’s a bay side restaurant. They served crabs, lobster and clams. I’m sure you will enjoy it.
No I’m tired. I’ll just make a sandwich for dinner and sleep early. She tried so hard to resist temptation of going out with him. We will be back early. So you can have an early night. Please, come with me.
I can’t
Why not? He walked closer to her.
It’s not right. You know it’s not right. Sami. I have a boyfriend she answered; her heart was beating so fast. She was trying not to react to his towering presence and that warmth masculine scent which made her want to press her nose to his chest and inhale it. He groaned out loudly .this is not a date. We will just have dinner that’s all. You can call this a business dinner, or are you not hungry and I know you are too.
Josephine felt embarrassed for assuming that his invitation was date. They could have a friendly dinner for old time sake. So felt so weak for putting some meaning into it. She strong and his nearness won’t affect her. She said to herself convincingly.
Okay. Fine. I’ll go with you.
After 30minutes, they arrived at the bay side seafood grill and bar restaurant with only a few dinners on it. The whole place looked peaceful homey and relaxing. The magnificent view caught her attention. The beach front covered with white soft sand and the blue sea water looked so clean and calm. She was so mesmerized by the beauty of the restaurant and its amazing view that she almost leap for joy.
This so beautiful. She said smiling at him.
Yes, so beautiful. He said boldly. Staring at her
she stared at him back.
Challenging his penetrating eyes. She wondered if he was referring to view or to her. She suddenly averted her eyes and said. Ummmm… where’s our table?
A waiter ushered them to a standard table at the Bay Shore. The setting looked so romantic with lanterns and big shells on the sand. The wooden table was set for lovers, with floating candles and red rose petals in a bowl of water at the center. The whole ambience was set for romance, the night was even warm and the sea water was so still.
Josephine didn’t bother to complain. She loved the whole setting and she was enjoying the view enormously. She felt like she was in a dream in a paradise.
She slid onto the chair that Sami pulled for her. She let him ordered their meal. He knew all her favourites, especially her weakness in deserts. Sami ordered a little of everything. They ate heartily and enjoyed the food they ate. He opened her crabs and lobster for her to eat. They were laughing and reminiscing funning moments they had together. It seemed like the magic they shared together five years ago suddenly came back as if nothing changed. After dinner, Sami paid the bill through its Master Card. He was returning his Master Card to his wallet when his phone suddenly rang.
It’s my lawyer. I’ve been waiting for his call the whole day. Excuse me, he said to her and left her alone. Josephine nodded at him.
She understood their conversation was somewhat private. She looked down at the food left on the table, and was thinking of taking it home. Then she noticed his wallet. He left it on the table.
The wallet was slightly open. She noticed a picture behind the transparent plastic in it, a very familiar picture. Her heartbeat so fast again. For God’s sake, he still has it? She thought. Without any hesitation, she took the picture out from his wallet, to take it from him. She didn’t like the thought of having her picture in his wallet.
She removed the picture slowly until finally she had it in her palm. She was barely sixteen in the picture in her favourite purple dress. Then a note fell on the table. Something triggered inside her to open it.
She recognized the handwriting. It was Emmanuel’s
Do it now! Dad meant what he said
Tell her you don’t love her anymore.
You’re fed up with her childishness.
She became clingy and possessive like a wife.
She is spoiled brat, so annoying and irritating.
Tell her harsh words that can truly break her heart,
So she won’t hesitate to break up with you………

Play Hard Game (Episode Eight)

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