Play Hard Game (Episode six) Written by: Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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Sami left Josephine in the kitchen for a while. He appeared with a Neosporin ointment and a band aid. He put it on the kitchen table in front of Josephine.
“Give me your finger’ he said standing so close to her body. Josephine instantly drew back away from him. His warmth and masculine scent stirred unwelcome sensation all throughout her body. No thanks. “I can manage”. Josephine snapped at him and immediately grabbed the ointment and band aid.
Okay fine, he said and went to the sink to wash his hands, Josephine treated her cut finger and occasionally glanced at Sami. He was slicing the potatoes and carrots with skilled fingers then cooked two sirloin-cut beef steaks. She was amazed, how to ease he was in the kitchen.
Does it still hurt? A little she answered sounding so bored. Just keep it dry, so it would heal faster.
This is your fault. You jinxed it. What? You really never stopped blaming me for everything. He said while putting the rolls in a bread platter. I talked to Emma last night. He was right, we should call a truce. We will be seeing more of each other now that you are joining the business with us. At least, we should be aid with each other and stopped playing like cat and mouse.
Don’t flatter yourself. It was you, who were acting so unrealistic … like a troglodyte. You didn’t have the decency to leave me alone when you saw me asleep in the tub, and you kissed me!
Sami just shook his head and continued frying the beef steak. “And naked”. He wanted to correct her, but decided to shut his mouth. She would freak out again for sure. How dare you dangling that towel in front of me. You were enjoying seeing my discomfort…. My God I was naked!
He laughed and thought. Now she said it. Let her taste her own medicine then. ‘Why are you so worried about me seeing you naked? You seem to forget sweetheart. I’ve seen you naked, I have even tasted every inch of your delectable body.
Oh God!
I hate you …. You … unscrupulous, despicable bastard… she blurted at him.
Honey we haven’t started dinner yet, and you are giving no desert. She gritted her teeth and looked at the knife on the cutting board. Her eyes looked like she was ready to murder him.
Sami followed her eyes and smiled. You want to murder me? Here you might as well kill me now. Your hatred on me is unstoppable. I’m sure you will be happy seeing me inside a coffin. “He went on her side and put the knife on the table in front of her. A faint blush appeared on her cheek. She suddenly stood ip and pushed him away. But he was so fast. He grabbed hold of her arms and pulled her towards him. Encircling her soft body against his. She was caught off guard and remained still, imprisoned on his arms. His forehead met hers as he whispered. I’m begging for forgiveness Josephine. I didn’t mean what I’ve said before. Believe me I suffered too. Let me explain and tell you everything.
Josephine couldn’t believe what she’d heard. She wiggled her body away from him, unaware that her actions created delicious sensations on his body.
Let me go! She used all her might to push him away but he was so strong.
“Josephine … please give me a chance to explain. Too bad, mister, you are five years too late. She said harshly at him. Sami released her, his eyes looked so dellusioned. He rubbed his hands forcefully and ran a hand through his hair. She glared at him and held her chin up. Then she stormed out of the kitchen.
Where are you going?
I don’t feel like eating anymore. I lost my appetite. His patience was running out now. You are going to Josephine, even if I have to force feed you. I know you haven’t eaten lunch.
So you are monitoring all my action now? How dare you acting so high and almighty all of a sudden after hurting me so badly five years ago. I don’t need you interfering with my life now or ever.
He stood frozen on his feet, her words really hit a nerve. It was true, he hurt her so much and he didn’t have the right even her forgiveness. The realization made him felt so devastated and desperate all of a sudden.
Okay fine, I understand how I hurt you so badly, and you couldn’t ever forgive me, I don’t deserve your forgiveness, even dine in a table with you. But please don’t go. The dinner is ready. You can eat all alone here I’ll go.
Then he turned on his heel leave Josephine alone in the kitchen, staring after him with contempt. After dinner, Josephine went to her room. She took off her clothes to take a shower. She decided to call her Artist boyfriend Collins Michael before going to bed.
Josephine met Collins Michael four months ago in an art exhibition in port-Harcourt. She did the interior decoration of the said event.
She accidentally bumped at Collins Michael when she turned around, spilling the glass of champagne. She was holding on his shirt. Oh my God! I’m so sorry. She said looking up at the six – footer curl black haired man in front of her. He was probably in early twenties.
Too bad, this is my favourite shirt. He shook his head while looking at his white stained shirt.
Oh… I didn’t mean it …. She said embarrassingly. The man had an American accent and looked like a very important guest. She saw him earlier with the hosts of the event and they gave him special treatment. Impulsively, she took a tissue at the nearby table and patted his wet shirt in his chest area. There’s a hand dryer in the washroom. Come, we can removed the stain and have your shirt dry.
No, it’s okay Miss. “I will survive” he laughed.  Please, it will only take about five minutes. She said guiltily. Okay. He answered and immediately followed her to the washroom. The moment they arrived in the washroom, the man removed his gray dinner jacket and white stained shirt.
Josephine gasped and averted her eyes, she hadn’t seen a half-naked man for years now. She suddenly felt so embarrassed. “Let me do it”. She took his shirt and opened the faucet in the sink.
I’m Collins Michael, what’s your name?
Josephine “she answered while watching the stained area of his shirt. Josephine what? He was look at her intensely studying the movement of her body.
Patrick, Patrick Josephine
Hmmmm… are you related to the famous shipping magnate
Michael Patrick? Ah… he’s my father. Her cheek suddenly flushed.
I couldn’t believe that a Patrick heiress is washing my shirt, he peered at her, gave her a flirtatious smile. Does matter? She asked curiously.
Yes, he said biting his lower lip.
Why? She was getting more interested to his answer now. I don’t go out with an heiress, or rich girls in particular, you mean you want to go out with me?
Yes, but now… he shrugged his shoulders. No way
No way? She laughed. You are an impossible man. I bet you had bad experience with rich girls. He shrugged again and put his hands on his front pockets. He leaned his back at the tiled wall exposing his six-packs abs and V-line of his stomach to her view.
Josephine avoided looking at his body. She kept herself busy drying his shirt on the hand dryer.
Are you an Artist too?
Yes am planning to have my first art exhibition in four months.
That’s great! Where?
In U.S.  I’m U.S based.
Yes I know because of your accent.
He smiled and shook his head. And what are you doing here Miss Patrick?
Are you also an Artist?
No I did the decoration of the event. I’m an interior designer.
Well, nice meeting you. I have to go, is my shirt already dry? He asked her.
Almost,  just a minute more. She said after checking his damp shirt. She looked at him and was alarmed when she saw a stain on his beige-colored pants.
Oh! My goodness, you have a stain in your pants too she immediately got a paper towel and wet the tip a little. She went closer to Michael Collins and bended over his left thigh to rub the stain off his pants.
No……no it’s okay.
At that moment, the bathroom door opened and an old woman yelled at them.
You two are do gross having sex here in the washroom!
Get a room!
Michael and Josephine left the art exhibit event together that night. They were so embarrassed and laughed off their humiliating experience. Since then, they started calling and texting each other, every time Michael Collins was in Nigeria, he would see her and they had dinner. One month ago. It was official, she accepted to be his girlfriend.
To be continued... (written By : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel)
Play Hard Game(Episode Seven)

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