Play Hard Game ( Episode Ten)

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Instead of thinking about Sami she focused on her work. Her order from china supplier of beds, upholsteries, furniture, lampshades, curtains, and linens intended for the model luxury suites arrived. They became so busy furnishing the suites that she forgot the time.
During the evening. Josephine was so agitated. There was still no sign of Sami. She couldn’t stop worrying about him where and who he was with. She regretted not able to ask him where Sami was. Then she remembered what Lucas said, may be he was with his girlfriend. The nerve of that jerk, he was probably having sex with a bunch of Hausa bimbos in Sokoto now. Oh! God! I hate him.
Point on second thought, what if he had an accident, what if he was in the middle of the road, hurt and in need of help, what if he was lying inside his wrecked car, lifeless. She sat down on her bed, what if something bad happened to him. …… Oh…. I wouldn’t ever forgive myself.

Josephine woke up feeling so tired. She slept for 2hours only because of too much worrying where Sami was. She looked at the Alarm clock on the bedside table, it was six in the morning then she immediately took off her nighties and went to the bathroom to take a bath. She decided to go to Engr. Victor’s office to ask him where she was having a cup of tea in the kitchen when the penthouse main door opened. She heard Sami whistling and went up to his room. A sudden gush of relief engulfed her. Thanks to God. He’s fine. She thought. But he seemed so happy whistling. Damn him!
Relief turned to anger and jealousy. Lucas was probably right. He had a good time with his girlfriend in Sokoto. She really hated herself for worrying too much on him. Like a speed of lightning. She poured her cup of tea in the sink and left the penthouse.
Wow! We accomplished a lot in just 2days. We finished furnishing three model rooms Richard said proudly.
Yup! Really great. Bisi answered him.
And I’m so tired I want to sleep so early tonight. Josephine butted in. you really need a lot of sleep boss, look at your face in the mirror you have shadows under your eyes. Bisi suggested.
May be you need to transfer to one of our model rooms. So you will have privacy. I’m sure Mr.Mensah wouldn’t mind. Richard raised one of his eyebrows maliciously.
Josephine didn’t dare ask Richard about what he meant with his statement. She was sure there were some rumours about her past relationship with Sami. But she didn’t mind. It was not a secret anyway.
It was already five o’clock and she was getting ready to go to the penthouse to have an early dinner then sleep when Lucas arrived in their office.
Excuse Miss Patrick, a man is asking after you at the lobby.
A man?
Yes tall, handsome, dark hair with an American accent.
Oh my God, Michael is here!

play hard game season 2(episode one)

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