Play Hard Game (Episode Two) Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

by - 6:30 PM

Sami’s father, Atsu Mensah was caressing
his wife’s arm and kissing her cheek. “You
look so beautiful honey and hmmm.. is that
a new perfume?” He sniffed her neck.
“Yes. We will launch this next week
together with the new clothing designs. The
perfume is called ‘Seduction.’ Why darling,
are you seduced?” Ruth teased her
“Very. You know you never fail my love.”
She giggled and said. “You looked so
dashing and gorgeous as always.”
“You knew kids, your mom is so honest,
that’s why I love her so much.” He said to
their children, Panyin, Kakra and Sami.
“Ha-ha! You never changed, still very
conceited.” Amah laughed.
“And you too never changed, still so hot and
sexy…” Atsu gave his wife an intense look.
“Well, my daily exercise really helps a lot
and of course, good diet.”
“Talking of diet, I noticed Josephine getting
bigger every time I see her.” Kakra, Panyin’s
younger sister, who was sitting beside her
mom butted in.
Kakra, Panyin’s identical eighteen-year
old twin laughed. “Yup, I wonder if she
would fit in her gown now, it was made a
month ago.”
“Girls, please be nice to Josephine. She’s your
brother’s girlfriend.” Amah looked at
her son, who was sitting silently across her
husband, playing an app on his iPhone.
“Sami’s not answering her phone calls
anymore.” Panyin shrugged her shoulders.
“Really?” Amah looked at his son
worriedly, but Sami pretended not to hear
“Josephine called me about six or seven times
today, asking me where he was.” Panyin
“And what did you tell her?”
“Well, I was not home, I told her to call him
Amah sighed. “Sami, what happened?
Did you quarrel with Josephine?”
“Mom, I already told you. We didn’t.” Sami
answered, looking so bored.
“Then, what’s the problem? Why aren’t you
answering her calls? Today is her birthday
and you are giving her a bad time?”
Sami rubbed his hands together and shifted
on his seat.
“Whatever problem you have with your
girlfriend, fix it son. Be a man. It won’t
make you a lesser man if you tell her what
you really feel.” Atsu Mensah advised his
“Yes, dad. I’ll do that.” Sami answered. Be a
man. Tell her the truth.

Josephine was in her room fitting her gown once
again for her sixteenth birthday party that
evening. She was panicking because her
gown wouldn’t fit on her. It was already
adjusted twice and yet it still wouldn’t fit.
She started sweating profusely now and her
freshly made make up was slightly
“This is still too tight, it wouldn’t zip up. Can
you loosen this some more?” Josephine said
feeling so agitated.
“Dear, I already adjusted it twice, there’s no
more allowance.” Mariam, the couturier said.
“You mean I can’t wear this gown tonight?”
Mariam sighed. “Well… we can’t zip it up,
and there’s no enough time. It would take
about an hour or two to revise the back.”
“Oh mom, what am I going to wear now?”
Nosa Mama Patrick, Josephine’s mother looked
so disappointed that the very expensive and
beautiful pearl and diamond sequined pink
gown wouldn’t fit on her daughter anymore.
“You have no choice Josephine, you have to
wear another gown.”
“I love this gown and I’m sure Sami will love
this on me too.”
“The party will start in a few minutes.
Choose another gown Josephine, so the makeup
artist can retouch your face.”
Josephine looked so sad but still obeyed her
mother. She opened her wardrobe and
chose the only gown that would fit her, a
light blue ball gown with puff sleeves,
ruffles, lace and satin ribbons. She used it
when she played Cinderella last year at her
school. There was no zip at the back only
adjustable strings.
Josephine’s dad, Micheal Patrick also known as
Fabulous, was frowning when he saw his
daughter descending the carpeted marble
stairway of their mansion that evening.
“Baby, what happened to Josephine’s gown? I
thought it was pink?” Fab asked his wife,
raising his eyebrows.
“It wouldn’t fit her anymore. The couturier
did her best to adjust the gown, but there’s
no enough time.” Nosa whispered to her
“I think our baby is getting bigger.”
“Yes, that’s what I thought too. It must be
part of growing up, hormonal imbalance,
“Probably, but we have to do something
about it, sweetheart. Help her stay fit and
“Yes, anything for our daughter.”
“Come here.” Fab said while pulling his
wife closer towards his body.
“My goodness Fab… not  here.” Nosa
whispered, eyeing their guests.
“What? You have a very dirty mind, baby. I
just want a little hug and a little kiss. I
haven’t seen you in four days and I missed
you terribly.”
“Don’t fool me, darling. We know where
that little hug and little kiss ends.”
He whispered something on her ear and she
giggled. “You are really unbelievable,

“I’m so glad you are here. Why aren’t you
answering my calls?” Josephine said the
moment she was alone with Sami.
“I was so busy.”
“With what?”
“With my projects.” Sami blurted without
looking at her.
“You used to call or text me, no matter how
busy you were. Even when you have your
exams you always find time for me.” She
nagged at him.
“It’s different now. Our subjects are getting
harder every semester. You know how
important it is for me to concentrate on my
studies, it’s not easy to pass a subject in
UNILAG.” He reasoned out on her.
“So you mean, you don’t have much time
for me anymore.”
Sami sighed. “It’s not that. We’ll talk later,
okay? There’s something I want to tell you.”
“What is it?” Josephine started to get nervous.
“Is it about us?”
Sami rolled his eyes, looking so irritated.
“We will talk later, okay?”
Josephine nodded and suddenly smiled.
“What?” He said impatiently.
“Ah… you forgot to greet me. It’s my
birthday, remember?”
“How can I ever forget that Josephine, of course
it’s your birthday, that’s why we are here,
right?” He laughed sarcastically.
 “Happy birthday.”
“Thanks. Ah… we can sit in the same table
during dinner.”
“No thanks. I’ll sit with my family.”
“But mom said…”
“I said no.”
“Well, okay… if that’s what you want.”
“I’ll see you later. As I said, we need to
Josephine was so uneasy the whole evening.
What is it that Sami wanted to talk about?
She thought. He was acting so weird. He
used to be so sweet to her. For almost two
years that they’ve been together, they’ve
been so happy and so in love. But now, he
was acting like a stranger to her.
She was not enjoying the party. Her father
danced with her as well as her male cousins
and friends, but not Sami. Once she saw him
dancing with Ewatomi, her model-actress
classmate. They were talking, laughing and
dancing sensuously to the slow music. She
was instantly filled with jealousy. She tried
so hard to fight back her tears from falling
down her cheeks. The worst part was that,
all throughout the night, she noticed him
evading her.
When the guests started to go home, Sami
finally talked to Josephine. They went to a
gazebo at the back garden.
“Why are you avoiding me Sami?”
“I’m not avoiding you.”
“You are! You never even dance with me.
I’m sure everyone was wondering why.
They probably thought that we quarrelled or
even broke up!”
“Is that what you want?”
“What I want?”
“Break up?”
“Of course not. I said, people might think
that we broke up because you never asked
me for a dance, and instead, you danced
with… Ewatomi.”
He sighed looking so bored. “So you mean, I
can’t dance with anyone because I have a
girlfriend already, right?”
“No, that’s not what I mean…. but, I’m
jealous. I don’t like you dancing with
Ewatomi… you should be dancing with me,
coz I’m your girlfriend.”
“Oh really? HA! That’s the problem Josephine,
you want to chain me by your side. For
almost two years that we’ve been together,
you often get jealous, so demanding, and
always doubting my actions. You don’t trust
“How can you say that? I always trust you,
“No, you don’t. You keep on checking on
me, and calling me in inappropriate times.
It’s very irritating.”
“I’m sorry… it’s just that I get so worried
when you won’t call me. You used to call
me all the time… and sometimes, in
inappropriate times too, but I never
complained because I love you and I love
every minute talking to you. I thought you
feel the same way…”
“That was before you changed. You are not
the same person that I used to love. I’m
sorry to say this, but I’m really fed up with
your childishness, you became so clingy!
Sometimes, I couldn’t even breathe
anymore when I’m with you. You are
strangling me with your possessiveness. I
have a life too, my studies, school
activities, family and friends. I can’t focus
my time on you entirely. You are even
acting like a wife! And sometimes, like my
“I want freedom Josephine… freedom from
“What do you mean?”

emphasizing each word.
That night, Josephine’s world fell apart. She
went back inside the mansion, shook hands
and kissed some of the guest goodbye.
Thanking them for coming to her birthday
party. Her parents and brother, Emmanuel hugged
“Nice party, sis. Everybody was having so
much fun.” Emmanuel said smilingly at her.
“Yes, everyone was having fun.” She smiled
back at her brother.
“Well, goodnight sis. Always remember that
I love you and I’ll always take care of you.
Happy Birthday.”
 He hugged her once more
and kissed her cheek.
“Thanks Emmanuel.”
She slowly went up the stairs and waved to
some of their guest goodbye. Then finally,
she arrived in her room. The tears that she
was holding back finally fell down her
She cried so hard in bed that night until her
tears ran dry. She was so hurt that she
wanted to die. She tried to erase the pain by
taking a shower, still in her gown, but the
pain was so deep, and kept on escalating.
Then she started crying again and again…
until she passed out.

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