Play Hard Game II (Episode Five)

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After dinner, the Michael’s family gathered in the dining room. Emma and his father kept asking Josephine about her designs for the hotel in Abuja. They were so interested in everything that she did places she went and visited.
Actually no, I wasn’t able to visit so interesting places in Abuja. I was so busy.
Oh, I thought your boyfriend Mike Collins visited you?
Emmanuel suddenly butted in.
What? How did you know that?
Emma bit his lower lip and his eyes widened. Somebody told me, I think. . . Sami mentioned it to you.
No I mean Lucas
Really huh? Tell me the truth, Emma.
Did dad and mom know that you set me up to stay in Sami’s penthouse?
What? Josephine’s father, Mr. Michael exclaimed.
Did I hear it right? You lived in the same penthouse with Sami?
Her mom asked.
Yes man, we lived in the same penthouse but in different rooms.
Her mother Mrs. Michael heaved a sigh. Oh thank goodness, I thought you were sleeping together.
Are you? Emma asked her.
What? Josephine shrugged her shoulders. You are changing the point of our discussion here. You set me up Emma. Why did you do that?
You knew I hated him because of what happened years ago
answer her Emma, why did you do that?
Their father snapped at his son.
Well, it’s time for both of them to be friends again, to bury the past and move on.
I’m doing it for business, Dad.
Josephine and Sami will be seeing each other more often, now that she joined the business with us.
Besides, she has a boyfriend already.
Are you friends now? Mr. Michael asked his daughter.
Yes, in fact, we reminisced what really happened five years ago. I discovered that you and Emma played a crucial role in our break up. Josephine said calmly trying to hold back her anger.
Mr. Michael’s eyes widened.
Emma frowned and her mother was suddenly upset.
What? What are you talking about Josephine? Her mother asked
Mom, did you know that dad threatened Sami to break up with me?
And they instructed Sami to do it during my sixteen birthday?
Emmanuel even gave Sami a list of not so kind adjectives to use against me!
Oh! Heavens. Josephine calm down. Her mother said
No! I can’t calm down. You are my family, and you were doing this to me!
My own father! And my own brother. I thought you all love me. How could you ! She said angrily!
You don’t understand Princess we did it for you,
For what’s best for you at that time. Her father said.
What’s best for me?
I suffered so terribly and my life became miserable because of what happened on my sixteen birthday. You ruined my life!
Josephine cried and pointed a finger to her father.
Don’t point a finger on me, young lady!
Do you think your life ruined now?
You finished your Bachelor Degree in one of the prestigious University in Nigeria. Your peers admired you, many women envied you, because of your awards, achievements in school and other civic organizations and you say I ruined your life? Tears pooled in Mr. Michael’s eyes. I only did what a father should do for his child. I saw you destroying your life because of your obsessive and addictive love with Sami. You worshipped him so much. Your revolve around him. You were too young, still fifteen and yet you offered everything to him. Neglected your family, your studies, your friends and even yourself. You put him above everything else. It hurt so much, losing my little girl to a young man. Instead of studying, you preferred to hang out with Sami.
You never joined us in our family outings every Sunday, even in going to church, because you preferred to be with Sami and his family. The worst part was, you engaged in sex so young, at fifteen. Not just at once or twice, but so many times. Your mother and I felt so broken when we learnt about it, we were so worried, that you would ruin your future and get pregnant at a very young age.
Then you should at least talk to me about it. Josephine was crying so hard now.
But she still reasoned, not fully convinced of her dad’s explanation.
You know all about this mom?
She nodded guiltily and started to cry too.
I’m so sorry Josephine
and why of all times, on my birthday?  You were so harsh.
Josephine faces her dad again.
I’m sorry Princess; we were so desperate at that time
Please Josephine forgives me . . . . Us. Her father pled.
We just did what we thought was best for you.
Is it true you threatened Sami?
It took Mr. Michael minutes to answer his daughter.
Yes, all is empty threats and didn’t really mean anything, just to scare him.
I’m sorry. But it was his father’s permission. His father and mother were afraid that Sami wouldn’t finish his studies also, to think that he would take over the Mensah’s business.
Her father went nearer to her and touched her arm.
My princess;
Please I apologize.
Josephine cried and embraced her dad. I’m sorry too.
I realized now that I was so wrong falling so much in love with Sami before that I forgot loving myself and family.
Yes, you should learn to love yourself first, Josephine before loving someone. Her mother said.

Yes everything is settled. Josephine said happily.
A week after.
Hello Emma,
Where is Josephine ?  Sami questioned.
You want to start your old prank again right.
When you have been the one keeping her busy with love play of yours. Emmanuel said jocularly.
I’m damn serious. She not here. She hasn’t been picking my call too.
She left for Abuja 3days ago. Emmanuel replied surprisingly.

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