Play hard game II (Episode Four)

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He kissed her lips again, angling his lips to deepen their kiss.
I . . . I thought you were dying, she said and averted her face away from his lips.
I am; he said teasing her and kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear.
You are? Her smiles turns frown and she started to get worried again.
Yes I’m dying for you. I never stopped dying for you Josephine. I love you so much that it hurts. Please give me a second chance to prove to you that I’m worthy of your love.
She looked at his eyes and touched his cheek. He kissed the palm of her hand and rubbed it on his face. Then she tiptoed and kissed his lips softly and she responded with too much passion and fervour.
Is that a yes? He asked her between kisses.
She continues with smooching and emotional romance. After some minutes of a typical romance they enter the car. Sami about to ignite the car engine but Josephine stopped him by placing her hand between his thighs; Sami reciprocate by massaging the succulent swollen part of Josephine chest. The romance fire is truly ignited the long feelings really overcome both to the extent that they don’t care about where they are.
After partially emotional satisfaction between them, they headed to pentagon house.
The night encapsulate to dawn, Josephine sleep laid her head on Sami’s chest.
At exactly 9:00am Sami woke up and Josephine was nowhere to be found. He searched for everywhere in the hotel. Sami’s heart pound again, fear overwhelmed him; he can’t afford to lose her once again, all this years without her. While coming back from the new apartment, he met Josephine’s personal assistance.

Where is Miss Michael? He asked impatiently
Yes she’s on her way to airport her PA responded.
Airport!! Sami emphasized …..
He ran into his room hurriedly, to pick up his IPhone 6x and punched Josephine’s number
Ringing . . . ringing . . . . . ringing . . .
Hello Josephine
Where are you? Why do you left without inform me?
I left while you were sleeping.
I don’t want to wake you up. Josephine protested. Okay. Where are you? Sami queried
Am at the airport. I . . . I’m taking the commercial flight to Lagos.
Oh God baby why? Sami groaned trying to control his temper. He wanted an explanation as to why she left him without leaving a note when she does not want to wake him up. He was mad because of what she did. I can’t explain now. I’ll call you as soon as I arrive in Lagos. Okay?
Not okay. He thought.
Wait for me there we’ll go to Lagos together. I’ll just call our pilot to refuel the plane Sami replied.
No . . . . . no . . . . . don’t do that. I’m inside the plane already and I’m going to turn my phone off now. I’ll explain later. He inhaled deeply and sighed okay. He said disappointedly
Call me as soon as you get to Lagos.
Take care baby boo. I love you so much
you me too
I said I love you
Yea I heard you; I said I love you too.
I just want to hear you say it. He admitted to her.
Josephine sat and rested her head; she propelled her feet upon the rungs of the plane chair. Then she walked into the lane of last night memory. She recalled the kisses they shared inside Sami’s car last night. The soft slow and sweet kisses turned to hot passionate and wild that left her gasping and moaning for more. The urged to make love inside the car and gratified their burning desire for each other was so strong that it took much patience and self-control for them to stop.
He also remembers the moment they entered the hotel’s elevator. They were unstoppable; they exchanged wild and hungry kisses. Sami gave her a heart stopping kiss, owing her mouth with demanding strokes of his tongue that makes her release an involuntary moan of pleasure. He was panting do hard like he was running in a marathon when he pulled his mouth form her.
You are so beautiful Josephine, so gorgeous and perfect. I missed having you in my arms baby boo. Sami kissed her thoroughly with intense passion before trailing his lips to her throat.
She hugged him so tightly and whispered softly. I love you too, My King of Persia?
What did you say? Sami asked calmly
I said I love you.
Sami ran his hands up and down her body caressing her length sensuously. I love you more.
He moaned softly and raked fingers in to his hair, his lips moved lower.
Josephine gasped when Sami slid his hand inside her skirt and was caressing her naked thigh.
Oh God Sami stop doing that. She said breathing heavily. Her lips brushing against his ear. I thought you’re a gentleman. She added teasingly.
Sami smiled and pulled her legs up around his waist to straddle her.
Ahhh…. Yes definitely a gentleman who was deprived of his desire. He drawled. Sami made love to her in the elevator so fast and fierce like a starving animal and she equated it with fervour. They made love again in the living room; next in the bath tub and repeatedly in her bed.
Sami was unstoppable and insatiable. Josephine moaned his name with burning pleasure every moment they made love.
The announcement by the pilot and the landing noise called her back from the memory lane. She alighted from the plane and headed to their Mansion in Lekki.

Josephine arrived in their lekki mansion after more than 2hours of travel. Her mom greeted her delightedly.
Josephine, I’m so glad to see you. We miss you so much. We will have a special dinner tonight. I’ll tell Emmanuel to join us.
Yes mom. I’d love that. She smiled adoringly to her mom. She couldn’t hate her mom, she had a feeling that her mom was innocent of what her father and her brother Emmanuel did.
Of course tonight dinner would be very special. She was planning to confront her father and Emma about what really happened five years ago. She would make sure she squeezes the truth out of their mouth.
Josephine went to her room to prepare for dinner. She opened her phone and saw Sami’s fourteen (14) missed calls. She pressed Sami’s number and he answered immediately
Hi how’s your trip?
Fine a bit tiring and boring. I missed you.
I miss you more baby, you don’t know how much.
He almost whispered like a dove,
You left me without a word or a note. Why?
I’m sorry. Please forgive me, king. . . . It was a very impulsive decision. I was not on my right way of thinking. I was derailing from normalcy. I just need to clear things with my father and Emmanuel to have peace of mind.
Buh you should have told me. You know I wanted to always be with you, to defend and comfort you.
I know, I realized that now. But Sami I want to iron this with them alone. I love you and I don’t want to involve you, not now.
I understand he replied solemnly.
When will you be back?
Don’t know yet may be next week, It depends.
I have some works to do here too.
Seems like I don’t have a choice but to wait for you Love.

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