Play hard game II (Episode Three)

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I said I have a flat tire. The car is in the middle of the road, I can’t move it to a safe point, and this bloody road is so narrow. Sami was cradling his phone between his ear and shoulder at the same time; he was on the ground, bending over to loosen the lug nuts of wheel.
What? Its choppy Bolanle asked on the other line. Damm it! The phone signal was so bad. He went to the rear of his Maserati and turned on the speaker of his phone. He extended his arms up to the sky to get a better signal. Hello Bolanle? Can you hear me now? He almost yelled.
I heard you, you have an accident? And? The car is wreck? Bolanle’s high pitched voice disrupted the stillness of the night. Why can’t you move? Are you trapped inside the car? What do you mean bloody? Are you bleeding?
What are you talking about? I’m fine there’s no accident. I have a flat tire; I’m changing it now I’ll be there in less than an hour.
Anyway, I already had my dinner.
Sami groaned.
There was silence on the other line. Bolanle? Are u still there?
Hello . . . (choppy) Sami? Yes yes . . . (choppy) . . . relax and don’t move . . . (choppy) . . . relax and don’t move …. (Choppy). . . to stop bleeding want . . . then she hung up the phone.
Bleeding? What bleeding? Sami shook his head and ignored what he’d heard. He settles back to the place where Bolanle’s call interrupted him. He continued strong hands by pulling it straight out and off the axle.
Did you ask him where he is?
Yes he’s at the broken bridge.
Oh! God is that far from here? We have to go to Sami now! He could be dying. Josephine was agitated and freaked out. About ten to fifteen minutes drive from here bolanle answered calmly.
Come on, I’ll drive you there
don’t you think, we should call ambulance? Michael asked them. The two girls looked at each other.
Yes of course Josephine said.
I’ll call the emergency department, my uncle works there. Bolanle took her phone and dialed number. Yes thanks I’ll call Engr V to inform him what happened. Josephine dialed a number on her phone. She was pacing back and forth.
He’s not answering his phone.
Come on, let’s go now.
Josephine waits. Bolanle is calling the Emergency unit now. They will take care of everything. All we have to do is to wait here. Michael said, trying to sound reasonable. No I can’t just wait here. I’ll go insane I have to see him, he’s hurt, bleeding . . . dying . . . she started crying and her shoulder shook as she sobbed. Michael looked at her with pity. She was definitely still in love with her ex. Too many times she tried to deny it. Convincing herself that she already moved on. Michael knew that she was not completely happy with him. Every time she smiles, it never reached her eyes. She does fake it all in his presence. You still love him. Michael said to her. She answered with a solemn nod and continued crying again. I’m sorry I can’t help it. I tried . . . so hard to forget him but . . .  I . . . just can’t. I’m so sorry Michael please forgives me.
Shhhhhh. . . . it’s okay. It hurts but God knows I’m trying to understand. He was so devastated that she finally admitted. The pain was so deep to his marrow just like the pain he experienced in the past with his ex. He was miserable before and now it happened again but he knew that, he had to let Josephine go, to follow her heart, to be completely happy.
Thank you. She almost whispered.
Tell him what you feel, before it’s too late. He touched her shoulders and squeezed it with assonance, come on, let’s go.
Sami was putting the flat tire in the car’s trunk when he heard the noise of a siren approaching, coming from an ambulance. There must be an emergency, probably an accident. He wondered.
He was surprised to see two police car and ambulance vehicle stopped in front of his Maserati. The car light glared so brightly on his direction blinding him that he covered his eyes with back of his hand. What happened? He thought.
Good evening sir, I’m Officer Adebayo Olakunle. You are Mr. Mensah? One police officer approached him.
Good evening yes officer I’m Sami Mensah. What happened? Sami said whipping the dirt off from his hands with a towel.
We received a report that you had an accident.
Yes that your car was wretched and you were trapped inside bleeding.
Sami groaned and realized what just happened when he saw bolanle’s pink catering van approaching behind the ambulance.
As you can see, I’m fine officer. I just had a flat tire. I’m sure there was some sort of miscommunication. Yes definitely. My niece, Bolanle reported the incident. He shook his hand and smiled. I don’t know what come over her to report this. She was always sensible.
The signal was a bit choppy when she called me a while ago, we probably didn’t understand each other anyway, thank you officer for your immediate response. I’ll make sure you will be compensated well for this. Sami smiled back and shook his hand.
He saw Josephine went out of Bolanle’s van. She looks so beautiful as usual, no matter what she wears. An angelic face with dark long hair and gorgeous body he would die for. She totally astounded him.
He was so dazed when she hugged him. Her arms went round his waist. Her face buried on his chest, he hugged her back, pulling her tightly in his arms engulfed her in his solemn embrace.
The happiness he felt was so overwhelming. His heartbeat rhythmically quickened and his hormones were raging wildly inside his system. They didn’t know they when they were kissing deeply and hungrily now, craving for each other.
A cough by Bolanle interrupts their kisses, made them aware of where they were at that moment. The car started moving away, leaving them alone on the road.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Josephine asked worriedly touching his face, his chest and his arms; of course I’m fine Sami smiled at her, giving her a questioning look.
I thought . . . I thought had an accident.
No no... I only have a flat tire.
But bolanle said . . . Josephine start pulling away from him.
Bolanle said what? He mimicked what she said and pulled her back in his arms imprisoning her with his powerful arms.
Umm . . . this is a mistake . . . I . . .’
Mistake? What do u mean a mistake, this?

Play Hard Game II ( Episode 4)

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