Play hard game II (Episode Two)

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Josephine pulled her hand and stood up suddenly, No!
Your lips may deny the truth, but your gesture and your eyes never lie. I can see the shrinking of your chin and your eyes angled formed 90 degree. He stood up and faced her.
You are wrong. I hate him. You hate him because you cannot stop loving him. No please, let’s not discuss this, it’s not true. It’s you that I love, you’re acting so weird being jealous of him.
You are right, I’m jealous; in fact, very jealous because you never ever look at me same way you look at him a while ago. What? Michael, don’t term meaning with my eyes. I haven’t been sleeping well since I got here because of this project. My eyes are blood shot from too much staring at my laptop. He put his hands on her shoulders then cupped her chin. He was looking at you the same way you were looking at him. He still loves you.
“No . . . stop saying that.”
He smiled and moved a little away from her. If you’ve only seen his face when he realized who I was, he really looked like a mad man, ready to murder me.
You embellish this attitude to suit your taste bud. I wish I am, but I am so bothered to seeing you and him together, it hurts, I’m afraid that if I leave tomorrow , you will go back to him and the love that we build together will just crumble on the ground.
No that won’t happen and it can’t happen. I treasure our love, I love you. Just trust me.
I trust you Josephine. But your heart. . .
I don’t know if I could ever trust your brain said you love me, your mouth says you will never leave me
But your heart said differently. It hurts but I have to say this. . .
You still ache for him and he obviously aches for you. The tension between both of you was so overpowering that anyone couldn’t help noticing.
Josephine went towards Michael and hugged him. But I want to be with you. I have being with you. I belong to you now and I’m here to stay.
He ran his hand to her back caressing it gently. History tends to repeat itself; he reflected.
A knock on the door, broke their embrace. She went to open the door.
Lucas. What is it?
Sorry to disturb you Miss, but someone is waiting for you at penthouse.
Bolanle Savage
After 2hours, Josephine went back to Michael’s room. She was already dressed for dinner, her skin tone and her romantic dress emphasized her curvaceous body. The dress was very conservation in the front long sleeves and round neck but the back was so bare, open down to her upper hips.
Michael whistled when he opened his bedroom door. “You looked so gorgeous and furnace hot; Love”
He kissed her cheek
Thanks. You’re not yet ready?
She said glancing at his half naked body, clad only with a towel around his hips slightly moved down the hips which shows the side lines of 6pack that runs down his father of his children.
Sorry, I fell asleep. I was so tired after the fourteen hours travel.
It’s okay just hurry up. We don’t want them waiting.
Do you think this is a good idea dining with your Ex tonight? Michael said after he went out of the bathroom, already dressed in blue jean and plain white long sleeves shirt which really shows his chest curve.
Michael, we’re dining with Bolanle too.
I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon. I prefer to have you by my side tonight. It’s time to move our relationship to the next level love. He stood so close behind her. His breath faming her neck.
She immediately moved away from him and sat on the Victorian love seat at the farthest end of the room. I’m sorry. Bolanle was so persistent. I told her that you’ve just arrived and we need to spend time together but still she wouldn’t take no for answer.
She will be catering the opening of this hotel this year and she wanted us to taste test some of the food that she will be cooking.
I have a bad impression of her
She seems like a snitch
No of course not. She was my classmate in secondary school and often times she was misunderstood because of her bold personality, but she was actually a good friend. She came from a broken family; her dad abandoned her and her mom when she was barely 10years old. Bolanle was a scholar in our school, she was so smart. During her spare time, she worked as a model and an actress.
I’m still not impressed. He smirked at her. I hardly recognized her when I went to meet her at the penthouse. She looked different in her chef uniform, simpler and prettier. She just opened her food catering business 6months ago here and she was so thankful of Sami to trusting her to cater the hotel.
Michael grimed at her. She’s a novice and she will be catering the world’s most luxurious hotel?
Unbelievable, unless she has magic ingredient in her food or she is Mensah’s lover.
Josephine’s head jerked up. It occurred to her also, why she would be catering the hotel. They had world class chefs who already mastered the art of cooking. Bolanle was surely an amateur chef. She said she just graduated from Hospitality College a year ago; therefore she was not very experience yet. Michael could be right. She and Sami were lovers. Lucas mentioned that Sami was dating a model actress. He could be referring to Bolanle.
She felt like a dagger pierced her heart, and twisted repeatedly. It hurt her imaging Sami and Bolanle together. Flashback of what happened five years ago during her sixteen birthdays haunted her. Sami and bolanle were dancing sensuously with soft music, flirting with each other, laughing, dancing and touching sudden jealousy overwhelmed her.
The bolanle that Josephine met at the roof top was different from Bolanle she saw at the penthouse 2hours ago. She looked like a centerfold model in her designer skin tight pink dress and freshly made make-up. Her gold stilettos emphasized her flawless long legs. It made her looked sexier, stunning and gorgeous.
Hi Josephine, wow nice dress.
Bolanle complement and hugged Josephine.
Thanks Josephine hugged her back and looked at Michael. Anyway I want you to meet my boyfriend Michael Collins. Michael this is my secondary school classmate Bolanle Savage.
Hi Michael nice is meeting you. You can call me Bolanle. Bolanle smiled brightly and shook his hand. Hello Miss Savage, Michael greeted her ignored her suggestion of calling her by her first name. He clasped her hand and exerted pressure. He made sure that she would know that he didn’t welcome her sudden dinner invitation.
Bolanle gave Michael an intense look. Her smiles suddenly faded and replace with a scorn Ouch! She gritted her teeth, trying to hide her contempt. Her fingers hurt with pressure he exerted.
What is wrong with this guy? She thought.
This is beautiful; did you decorate all of these? Josephine assessed the ambience. The different colours of roses, the romantic candles, lanterns, the table settings and everything.
Yes you like it? Bolanle answered.
Of course. I love it. It’s so romantic.
Are you sure you didn’t prepare a romantic dinner for two Miss Savage. Michael snapped at Bolanle.
Bolanle laughed flirtatiously and faced Michael squarely, raising an eyebrow at him. Of course not Mr. Collins. But I admit I’m a very romantic person, aren’t you?
Michael grinned at her suspiciously. I’m not convinced.
Bolanle shrugged her shoulders and excused herself. She was calling someone.
Josephine noticed the tension between them.
Michael what are you doing? Did you noticed the ambience
Everything this is not an ordinary dinner this is set for romance.
He whispered back at Josephine. I smell something fishy.
She is planning something
Have you heard what she said she’s a romantic person?
Don’t put any meaning on this okay.
Let just enjoy the night and food she prepared.
Where are you? Bolanle asked Sami on the phone. I’m here in St.Jouglas hospital we had an emergency
A worker got his hand cut with a hand saw. I can’t leave till the doctor says the condition is stable. Sami answered
Oh! My Goodness. That’s horrible. I hope he’ll be okay.
Yes I’ll make sure that he’ll be given the best medical care. . .
Anyway we are ready here.
The dinner, remember? She whispered on the phone.
Yes . . . just continue with the dinner. I’ll be there in an hour.
Okay we will wait for you. Bolanle said and hurry up the phone.
They started dinner without Sami. Bolanle told Josephine and Michael about the incident. She also informed that Sami would arrive in an hour.
Josephine looked at her watch it was nine thirty in the evening already. Two hours since they started dinner. She was starting to get anxious where Sami was her instinct told her that something was wrong. She looked at Bolanle who was chattering about the death of her mum, and was about to cry now. It would be so awkward if she would interrupt her to ask where Sami was. And what would Michael think? That she was worrying about her ex. It would confirm his suspicious that she hadn’t moved on yet.
You mean that you worked as a model and actress for living? Michael asked Bolanle.
Of course my Dad left us. I have to work so we have food on our table. I was fortunate that I passed the scholarship in our school.
Why didn’t you pursue being an actress?
It’s not really my passion. I was forced to do modeling and acting because of the money. But I am really a domesticated person. I love cooking, baking, and decorating events. That’s why I enrolled in Hospitality College and again under a scholarship program.
You must be smart. Michael answered nodding his head, he was impressed.
Thank you.
Bolanle smiled feeling happy that at last Michael Collins was impressed by her cooking skills. She looked at her watch and was shocked that it was already 10’o clock. Time flew so quickly and Sami hadn’t arrived yet. She suddenly stood up and excuses herself.
Sami where are you. Bolanle asked immediately the moment Sami answered the phone.
I’m here in the middle of the road. . . I have a . . . . Sami answered. The signal was so scratchy that she barely understood what he meant.
What? You have an accident?
Bolanle shouted that made Josephine and Michael looked at her with agitated mood.
I said I have a . . . . The car is . . . . I can’t move . . . this bloody . . . . Sami said, his voice was not audible, because of slow signal.
What? I heard you, you have an accident? And? The car is wreck?
Bolanle said in a panic. Why can’t you move? Are you trapping inside the car? What does the car bloody? Are you bleeding?
Bolanle, what happened? Oh my God! Is he okay? His bleeding to death? Josephine was beside Bolanle now, also in a panic mood. We have to help him. Where exact location, ask him.
I will call Engr.Victor now; we need to call for emergency line.
Just hang on Sami, just hang on,
I’m coming. Oh God, please don’t
Let him die. I will do anything . . . just
Don’t let him die. Josephine prayed silently…

Play Hard Game II ( Episode 3)

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