Heroic Birthday

by - 8:54 AM

I Want to wish you a heroic birthday
In the most noble way
Your day will be decked with gold
Mirth and felicity would not leave you cold
Your progress will never be slow
Your feat will be that of a great show
We are going to spread the news around
And let the ecstasy abound
Never will you be the tail
Never will you fail
From this day forth
You will become more than a worth
We desire for you a great wonder
That will make you to ponder
You gave us happiness as you could
Therefore, we give ours, as we should
To you, success will belong
Wherever you go, prosperity will follow along
Blessings from your heavenly Father
Will propel you farther
Nothing will make you sad
Firmly, you shall stand
Moreover, we wish a rapid increase to your bank
And it shall never go blank
You shall find gladness in your dreams
They will come as streams
You will not lose your wills
Finally, you will be as old as the hills
Want to wish you a heroic birthday.

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