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There are basic rules that make men’s fashion. This rules make a man looks glamorous and awesome. It is also make a perfect gentle look. Here are the rules:
1.       Never fully button your blazer: buttoned the bottom button of a blazer is wrong. The modern suit jacket is designed to flare out at hips, to create a slimmer waist. Button all the way up and the fabric pull and pucker disrupting the silhouette and destroying your seams. You run the same risk if you stay buttoned up, sat down. A suit should fit close to your upright body. When you sit, your posture shifts and puts tension through the fastening which tests your tailor’s stitching. Only the paddock jacket flouts the rule, says Christopher Modoo, from Savile Row tailor chester Barrie.
2.       Cleanliness is not next to Godliness:  it’s a misconception that your clothes need washing after every wear. The more you wash, the quicker your clothes wear out. Its especially true for your tailoring. Dry cleaning is nothing of the sort- the chemicals your suit is doused in damage the fabric and weaken the stitching. Only subject them to it twice a year. Instead, brush the dirty after wearing and give them at least a day to air out. Normal jeans should be washed every few months to keep them in the best condition. It recommend that your jeans should be six months use before wash because the longer  you leave them the better your jeans look and the more character they will have says bloxham.
3.       Tucking in the wrong kind of shirt doesn’t make it smarter: we believed so much in tucked – in shirts are styles prerequisite. It isn’t, however, it all depends on the style of the shirt and most importantly, the hem. Dress shirts and tailed shirts are designed to be tucked as they’re worn in a more formal context. They’ll have a longer hem at the back, which gets pinched between your buttocks and trousers when you sit down, so the shirt doesn’t ride up or wrikle. Try the same thing with a shirt designed to be worn untucked and you’ll spend all day with your hand in your trousers. If you are the kind of guy that favours a tucked T-Shirt, again prioritize longer-line style and wear with a belt if possible, it will keep the look sharp negate the need to keep re-tucking throughout the day and ensure you don’t inadvertently  flash strangers whenever you crouch down.
4.       Polish is about more than shine: a good polish is leather food says Tom Little, Owner of popularly known polish industry “Grenson”. It soaks into pores and keeps it supple. A bi-weekly feed will keep your shoes soft and keep water out and keep off potato peeling duty.

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