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Nigeria is 56, Great Leaders fought and negotiated for the Independence of Nigeria some years back and got their agitations in 1960, so, in the Human Perspective, 56 years after, looking at the Economic Situation and reality, it is only normal to be disappointed.

On the other hand, Nigeria is not an individual, but a country with diverse religion and culture with an Enormous population, so the comparisons of a Human or a man not successful at 56 with Nigeria not having a thriving economy at 56 is not valid.

Although, that is not to say that at 56, Nigeria as a country should not have reached the great heights the citizens desire, especially looking over to neighbouring countries like South Africa that got her independence years after Nigeria, and appear to have a better economy.

The time we got the independence does not count as it's not a compulsory indicator for the Economy to be better, what matters now is how we move Nigeria forward and build a country we would be proud of.

Some people in other school of thoughts have opined that Nigeria got her Independence too early, I would say that is an  insult to  the past leaders of Nigeria. The people who  fought For independence are Greats like Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Pa Anthony Anahoro, Sir Ahmadu Bello and the likes, these people had intelligent minds and Great ideas on how to move the nation forward, what has happened since 1960 is a loss of Vision and Massive Corruption that we have allowed to entrench our syytem and institutions, our indepedence  was not gotten too early.

Nigerians, let's look ahead and work on the "now" while not forgetting where we are coming from, knowing that only we can develop our country.

It is easy for us to talk about diversification of the Economy, but then, we must avoid the mistakes of the past and learn aptly from them.

Agriculture and tourism can give our economy a real boost in no time, but that does not mean that we should abadon other sectors of the economy and focus on the ones that generates the highest revenue like we did with oil.

Adequately devloping all sectors of the economy and encouraging the private sector with the revenue generated from the most profitable sector at a time is the way forward for Nigeria and Nigerians.

In conclusion, Nigeria can be great again, if we want the Nigeria of our dreams, all Nigerians should work hard whilst not relying on the Government alone, avoid and shun Corrupt pratices, buying Nigerian made products to grow the Naira, Praying for our leaders and Ensuing peace everywhere  we go.

Happy independence day celebrations
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria
God bless Nigerians
God bless our Leaders
Nigeria will be Great.

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