My Sweetest Love For You

by - 4:35 PM

My heart, like a wet candy
Showered by juicy adoration, seeps
Deep down to the depths of my emotion
To find your dulcet love in me.
Just as a candy deliciously dissolves
When caressed by the human tongue,
Ever so does my heart melt,
For your sweet love I've felt.
My feelings caringly cling to you,
Like claws of lizard on a wall, they stick;
Hither, thither, seeing you makes my eyes glued,
Making my willing heart shiver and quiver.
Who shall give me prescriptions on
How to resist the glowing smiles,
That supplement your pimpleless dimple?
I tell you my love, my dear-lovy,
Your beauty pours into my eye hole,
And percolate all the way silently to my soul.
you've must  have heard this millions of times
I said-
Here am I to hit it on the head…
With a different refrain, fragrantly soft,
Mouthwateringly on cue and true, like a candy
That carries the words ‘I love you!’;
I melt at your feet, your own dandy darling
Like an ice-cream, as I hear your love calling….
Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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