Why you need to read book

by - 4:40 AM

If I was to choose a mentor in life, I would choose a book. I’m still fascinated by how much you can change by reading a single book. People who might have been the mentors in the world are few among us, books carry decades and centuries of knowledge and wisdom.
Invest in yourself : give up social media, TV and dedicate at least 30minutes a day for reading. Books tend to be more researched and better written as there are editors working on the book before publishing it.
Books cost money, that’s true, but it cost more money not to reading them. Book is the wisest investment in yourself, it opens your mind, widens your perspectives and inspires you to take action. Invest in a book just a single idea in a book can change your life.
Smart is sexy : this is where the power of books is hidden. Reading books will make you slowly knowledgeable in different topics, your brain will make creative connections and allow you to become a superhuman. You can tell me smart is not sexy but talking to an attractive person who is also smart and knowledgeable, curious and willing to learn; is the sexiest thing in the world. Knowledge breeds confidence, probably most important difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

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