Bleeding Heart

by - 8:45 PM

Blood vessels,
Shivering in static interference,
In my own complacent dynamo,
Pedantic pedestrian,
Sheltered from
the ones who desire me
Crouching off other's pleasures,
The one that dances crudely
When pulled under a tedious flow,
And marvels at the glassy surface of water that swimmers at my sky.

I sit self conscious,
Potentially unconscious
By the lagoon front,
Shake the air
And wait
In silence
As the day went on,
I became overwhelmed with
The feeling of loneliness,
Despair and fear.

Tears welled up in my eyes,
I cried silently,
But Oh! So bitterly
So much that my body
Racked with pain.

Vision compromised,
As the frontal light extinguishes,
Dissolve into the patio.
Sun rested for the moon to shine,
The drudge drawl of my delusion
Is elongated
with every seeping gaze,
My intoxicated heart to hearts
Equate to nothing more than
Faceless blurs.
Loneliness is disappearing.
Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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