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Dare checked his phone for the umpteenth time that night. Seeing nothing new, he sighed and hissed. He returned his mindless gaze to the clock on his bedside table. The time must have been 8pm or was it 9pm? He didn't care. He got up from his sitting position and stretched. The sudden feeling of dryness in his throat reminded him of the last time he had drank water. He moved his feet with little motivation as he made his way to his kitchen fridge to get water.
He paused after the second gulp, placed the glass half-carefully on the kitchen cabinet base and ran back into his room to get his phone.
One unread mes___. He didn't wait to finish the last word before touching the icon to see. The message was from Myra. His heart skipped a beat as the words in uppercase letters hit him like a punch.
"Dare, WE ARE DONE!"
"Oh no!"
He angrily threw his phone on the bed and sat heavily on the bed. He cupped his head with his hands whilst shaking his head in frustration.
"God! I can't let this happen."
_ _ _ _ _
Myra couldn't stop staring at her phone's screen, she was staring at one of Dare's pictures. She could still remember where he took that shot but that was the least thing on her mind at that moment.
She shook her head thoughtfully. The deed had been done. She had broken up with Dare some minutes before. She was justified, after all, it was his fault, or wasn't it?
She shook herself out of her thoughts and dropped her phone beside her on her bed. As she turned herself over from her face down position to lay on her back, she let herself remember the reason for her breaking up with her Dare.
She and Dare had gone to visit his parents that afternoon. On getting there, only Dare's dad had welcomed them, giving a report that his mom was sleeping. She had been somewhat bothered so she whispered to Dare to ask if she didn't know they were coming. Dare had waved off the question and had told her not to bother about that.
The ice finally broke when Myr, Dare and Dare's dad were served lunch by the maid. Dare's mom who supposedly just woke up from sleep, came into the dining area.
"Niyi." This was Dare's dad. "Please come and help me check this TV remote, it's not responding. Dare, come, I want to show you a ..."
Myra quickly left her chair and knelt to greet Dare's mom.
"Good afternoon ma, I'm really pleased to..."
She couldn't finish her statement as Dare's mom walked away from the dining area with her still on her knees. As she stood up, she realised that Dare and his dad had already stood up. The trio left their food and followed Dare's mom to the living room.
Everyone wanted to talk at once but Dare's dad spoke first.
"My dear Myra, sit down. Dare, sit down."
They obeyed.
Dare's mom spoke. "My dear, what's your name, listen. I don't know why you came here but I want you to know that you cannot marry my son. Don't let him waste your time."
"Ma, I'm not sure what I must have done to..."
Myra was interrupted by Dare's mom.
"My dear! Go home! Greet your parents!"
Her words hit Myra like a hard slap and the tears began to flow. She picked her bag, greeted Dare's dad and left, ignoring Dare's calls of "wait, Myra, wait", as he ran after her.
_ _ _ _ _
Dare had stormed back into the house and faced his mom.
"Look at what you just did. You just disgraced me!  That girl is my girlfriend and she deserves some respect. I might be your son but I deserve some respect. Dad deserves all your respect as your husband. See, you won't hear from me again, until you right this wrong you just did."
"Bye, dad. I'll call you as soon as I get home. Thank you for handling this."
_ _ _ _ _
The new message tone on Myra's phone brought her back to the present. She touched the message icon and blinked as she read the words from Dare's message
"Babe, I will never let you go. I'm sorry about today. Will call you now, pls don't turn off your phone. Love."
She didn't know whether to be happy or angry. She smiled as the turned off her phone and dropped her head on her pillow. Tomorrow is another day.

Written by : Alufa Eniola Barbara

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