My beautiful lovy dovy

by - 12:38 AM

Oh! My beautiful lovy dovy,
You're a compressed amalgamation
Of beauty and flaws
Contained a singular entity.
You're incredible creature
My nascent marvel.

The tempestuous current
In front of us upset me.
I always wish there was a way for me 
To pick it up,
Pack it, and toss it
Somewhere far away without
A single worry of its return.
But I guess that's very difficult,
Even closed to impossible
But possible.

I can feel you melting down
I can see you slipping away
Through the gaps between
My fingers.
I can see you disappear and appear.

Worry not, my dear love;
I'll carry your memory in my mind,
And let your redolence occupy
My lungs in your abscence.
I've always protecting you in
Many ways,
I've always held you close to my heart
And warmed your soul with my consummate love.

If  you disappear,
You will left me dumb.
Your beauty is like the setting sun
Which taints the eyes of the sky,
A deep red when it disappears.

The feeling of you stripping the warmth
In my heart with your dark and nefarious
Self , leaving me to wither in cold.
But worry not,
my dear Lovy Dovy,
My Nascent Marvel.
Just like the larkspurs,
I'll bloom again and let
The wounds you left
Bleed beautifully.

I always love you,
Adore you,
Admire you
And found you as the most beautiful things I ever had.
You are my heart owner
And always remain my heart owner.

© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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