Missing you

by - 7:50 PM

I was in the insanity of joy.
I have never felt so entertained than
When I watch myself drown in books,
When my eyes so quickly skin pages,
When my fingers and my pen trace
The words like dancing feathers and I stop at certain words to feel them.
But this is less compared to when
I sink deep into the brownish black of your eyes,
I look at them long enough before it is deemed creepy.
I always love to hear your voice speak my name;
Whenever you did,
My inside shatter like glass
I know you are oblivious to the control you have on me.

When I roam the chambers of my heart
And study the constellation that hold us together
Every stars we aged in between like a diamond glued up,
But ours were strongly joined.

Thought of you grows a garden of butterflies that fly from my stomach to my lungs
Which watered by stolen glances and exchanged smiles.

I know it's hard to slay the dragon that breathes fire
Into your blood, and might not able to extinguish the flames that seethes inside you,
But I can grow flower that will spread ichor to your veins.
I can make you happy always even when you don't want to be happy.

Written by : Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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