One beautiful sad song

by - 3:48 AM

As the waves dances 
In the lagoon,
When I sit lonely 
at the Lagoon front,

My heart dances 
Calling for your presence
Physically, not only your
Always presence in my heart.

When I picked up my phone 
to listen to your voice and 
You answered joyfully,
I got lost in the hurricane of excitement.

As my heart beats
It fetch for your well being hysterically,
Knowing you are gladly doing well
Got me drown in an ocean of joyfully moment.

When I am far away from you
My heart beats 
in melody. 
Creating a one beautiful sad song,
Calling for your heart
to moves more closer.
Awaiting for night to crawl in.

So, I do sit in awe admiring
the spectacle star 
of the night sky 
that represents you,
I lay under the sky of stars 
and listen to your heartbeat 
from afar,

I stop what I'm doing 
just to smile at you 
while looking at the sky.
I have missed 
our stay up all night 
and listen to 
nocturnal songs.
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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