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I am Rolake, a beautiful young lady. I was brought up from the family of Envagelist mother that takes lord as the redolence of her body. My father died when I was 12years to a car accident while coming from his work at Marina. He was a loving father who close to his children like jugular vein. He loves family so much that due to his tight schedule he found a time for the family. As we all know that loves grow from the stable of relationship shared experience, loyalty devotion and trust, my family love keeps growing incessantly.
The death of my father bring out the fear of God from my mum. The tribulation moment forces her to be with her bible and be so conscious about life. She believed that what make death taken a man who has paid his dues in the world of achievers and Godly world like her husband; what of her who lacks focus towards God from the onset of her life. As my mother keeps growing in faith her hatred for me started growing bigger. She started believing that am possessed because am a paragon of beauty, a replica of angel as my dad usually say to me. My mother started believing that am now a replica of devilish angel.
I have a very strong love for fashion and trending wears. I see nothing wrong in looking good. If she refuses to buy those clothes for me, my uncle will buy it for me or I buy it with my savings. I also love gadgets a lot.
As a beautiful girl, by the time I was 16years there are many admirers, whenever I get to a place where many were decorated with personality tarnishing, insult which left them confused as whether they did anything wrong to deserve the fitting treatment, my beauty always gives me difference treatment. Every festive period I get numerous gifts from friends, uncles, niece, nephew, cousins including the secret admires. These usually annoys my mother because she believe am too engrossed with demonic character and that’s why I always noticed by everyone.
After some years my mother love for me started decaying because she believes I cause her pain and she her attitude towards me gives me pain. As you know pain and love can’t stay together, when pain enters love dissolves. I do nothing right in her presence.
I can remember one morning as I woke up to the greeting of the cockcrow in the distance, I stretched and yawn as I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. It was the sound of my toothbrush that invites my mother with a loud noise of Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!

To be continued...
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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