I'm Going In

by - 9:16 PM

My ink and paper speak,
Lend me your eyes before my pen leaks,
My fingers are bleeding profusely.
I can hear whispering; voices in my brain
Breaking me down, tearing me apart
And driving me insane.
I stand alone in silence and fear,
My mind is tricking me,
Devouring my consciousness.
Awe administration of spectacle night star
Becomes norms.
My heart is seriously melting down.
I will never let the thong of mourners and sympathisers
Come to my sight or mourn to my hearing.
I'm going in. . .
To the greatness.
I'm going in. . .
With consciousness and no fear.
The sharp pain from the blade
I hold,
Bring tears of pain
And tears of joy;
Because I'm going in. . .
For success. . .
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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