Play Hard Game II (season 7)

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The federal government is on their toes to make sure those abducted were rescue before it gets out of hands. The president calls on the military leader and the entire strategic officer in military to solve the problem in a short while.
Sami woke up with his head heavy, with the feelings that the birds that sung in the morning in, had melted away before the last butterfly fell roasted to the ground. He managed to rose on his feet. He felt down casted. He has been deprived of love. He needs to drive so fast as he usually does.
After 10minutes, Sami get into his maserati and he cracked his ignition which mercifully, responded to the first attempt. He shifted gear and moved forward to obliterate the space into which the driver maneuvered had virtually wedge himself obliquely. From then a war nerves ensued between the 2 men whenever the forward traffic yielded an inch at the main road. We all know such encounters in the past between less expensive car and expensive car drivers. The ordinary car always won, its decisive weapon and the certainty that the expensive car driver will sooner concede his plan than risk a dent on his smooth, precious carapace; but grimly oblivious of the car beside Sami’s car riding with its two legs in the bush. The fight for the king of the road continues with both drivers at their highest speed. Suddenly Sami’s car shifted and loses the break then the car tossed into the bush on the side of the highway.
The terrorist leader caulked the gun pointed it to Josephine. A guy ran and covered her up.
Kill me instead,
Don’t kill her
I will die for her. Said the guy.
Are you mad? You want to die for ordinary lady that is black like charcoal, is it because of her well sculptured face and good posture? Is that why you want to die for her?
You are an idiot! Said the leader
Do you know her before now? The terrorist leader shouted on top of his voice.
Yes I do, please don’t kill her, the guy pleaded.
Josephine raises her head up to look at the guy pleading on her behalf.
Oh! Michael Collins!!
Are you crazy? You want to die for someone that loves another person.
You must be a fool. Josephine said emphatically.
She buried her face in her hands sobbing.
The leader pointed the gun at Michael with a grimace face. Michael Collins sobbed strongly with contrite heart holding his life in his hands, staring at it with a wondering question.
The thunder sounds from the leader’s mouth makes men and women urinated and defeacated on themselves; children and wives froze in fear in the arms of their parents and their husbands respectively.
The leader makes a desperate demand, fervent answer from the family of the hostages. The hostages wear the clothes of panicking. Patience died in them, pain increased, matter worsens, and lasses raped as the days turning to night with them still have limited freedom.
Josephine worries increased as she keeps visualize the mood in which her family and friends will be most especially her mother (Mrs. Michael) and her lover (Sami).
Michael Collins stood and watched her as the minutes ticked away absorbing every breath, every careless gesture of Josephine; the way her hair swept her neck. The way she drag a hand through her hair and cup her chin in her palms and stare owlishly at the surroundings. She found every moment endangered. She was stricken by a sense of impending doom.
Michael Collins’ forlorn prayers, his offering of conciliation lie scattered on the floor.
The car summersault and Sami stumbling until his legs could no longer carry him. He collapses on the carpet of leaves. His mind filled with the agonizing wail without realizing it. Sami started screaming out his fear and pain calling on people to come to his aid. After he had exhausted his conserve energy he fainted. The next time he open his eyes it was 3days after.
He opened his eyes and next he heard the voice of his mother and morountodun (his former girlfriend that travelled to Canada for her post graduate studies. She’s now back in Nigeria). Glory is to God! Both said simultaneously.
What happened to me?  Where I am? He asked at his lowest voice. You have been in coma for 3 days. We thank God you are alive Sami. His mother said passionately.
Morountodun moves close to Sami’s bed caressed him and said am glad you are awake. I have missed you a lot. All my effort to reach you on phone proved abortive. I sent you a lot of messages on social networks, you reply none of it.
Sami’s mother interrupted morountodun, please let him rest. You know he’s just recuperating from the shock and wound of the accident.
What would you like to eat? I have order for tea and fruit salad for you already.
Sami has been silence since his first statement after his awake. He tried to stand up immediately he realized that it is not Josephine that’s with his mother in the hospital ward.
Where is Josephine? Has she been found?
What happen to her?
He asked agitatively.
His mother and morountodun rushed down to hold and calm him to relax. She is fine, you need to rest well and get back on your feet to see her as soon as possible.
Stay calm called the doctor Morountodun. She rushed out to the doctor’s office after 2 minutes she was in with the doctor.
You can leave for home he will sleep for like 2hours now. Doctor said after given him injection.

At the Garki police station Josephine’s father and Mr. Mensah was waiting for the officer that left for investigation to come back. The officer that left for investigation to come back. The officers were returning, dejection and sorrow written on their faces; their legs dragging and their eyes were down casted. Mr. Michael and Mr. Mensah shouted at them. What happened? Talk to us.
What’s the problem?
Nothing was said by the officer, just only gesture of soberness that’s all they could show. They left them for their inspector general. They reported to inspector general that a report from the terrorist says two people among the hostages have gasped their lives. Both Mr. mensah and Josephine’s father overheard ; the breeze of fear give them cold and fever, both of them hold their head and move their head then interlocked it below their chest to embrace one another. This is a doom. The inspector general calms them and told them they are already at the top of the situation. Miss Josephine Michael is not among those that gasped their lives.
Both of them remained worried. Mr. Mensah reminds his friend of those days they have huge business problem that was later solved by the street gangs that open the minds of Mr. Michael towards his street ways.
Yeah! I need to call coach, I will need to balance him from the last deal we did 10years ago, said Mr. Michael.
You must be kidding.
You have not pay coach since then that’s too dangerous brother.
But I sail through without paying him the balance all this years that showed how powerful I am.
Well… contact him now…
Josephine was shaking as the gun was pointed to her forehead, her body temperature increased immediately. 
Please don’t kill him am going to pay you any amount you want to collect from her father. Michael Collins pleaded.
Shut up! Shut up!!
Do you think am a comedian?
Do I look like Mr. Bean?
I will give you double.
The leader fires a shot up bullet in the air.
There was total silence, if a pin should drop. It will make loud noise due to the calmness.
You this Michael Collins, you’re an idiot.
I don’t know that gullible guys like you still exist. You want to die for nothing. Well where the money is, you said you have.
I am collecting double of what Mr. Michael supposed to pay that double stand for your life too.
Will you pay it! Or I should send you both to heaven for your befitting wedding ceremony there.
Collins nodded to show that he will pay the terrorist leader. He pointed at the back where he kept his brief case and finally he opens the brief cases…
Hmmmmmm . . . now you are talking. You did not tell me you’re paying me with Dolapo (Dollars). You are a good boy.
This is beyond the double I requested for.
Don’t worry I will do the extra job for you.
Don’t you think so?
Collins shouted, no I don’t need to stress you.
Shut up! Idiot!
Hey you girl, Josephine or what’s your name?
You’re marrying him now!
You will marry here today!!!
So get prepare in next 50minutes. I will be back with camera and ring.
After the 50minutes the terrorist have arranged everything for marriage. They arrange priest and congregation (the hostages and other terrorist). They make the event colorful.
Out of compelling Josephine comply in other to be safe. For Michael Collins is a dream come true. They were joined and the leader shouted you may kiss your bride. Paparazzi continue…
  All these pictures will be said to media house to show that we have freed you. Leader said with fictitious smile.

On Monday morning, Panyin rushed into her parent bedroom with newspaper at hand. Wake up Mum and Dad!
Both Mr. and Mrs. Mensah stood up immediately, what happened? Both questioned
Josephine has been free and she has got married with Michael Collins the Artist. Mr. Mensah snatched the newspaper to confirm what he heard he picked up phone and call his friend.
Hello. . .
After the compelling and unconditional marriage between Collins and Josephine the terrorist moved the hostages in a house in a silent garden with trees, and priceless medieval statures. The mansion’s door was open.
Wow! This is nice, look at that black and white sy …
“Shut up, Youngman, this is not the time for your commentary”
One of the adult Interrupted.
You don’t to be harsh on my son. We’re all in this situation together remembering? Said Mr. Soyinka
We’re just random people brought together by unfortunate circumstances. The adult protested.
They’ve killed my sister, she never deserved that. All the people killed never did! Aaaaarghrrr. . . this is really making me tear up. I really miss you Sis. If only I had been brave enough to save you …. The adult’s demeanor changed.
The atmosphere inside the mensah’s residence was calm and relaxing. Long velvet curtains danced in the wind along endless hallways decorated with marble walls imprinted with floral art. A spiral stair case led to the mensah’s home office at the end of a hallway decorated with portraits of historical leaders. A few seemingly important people who were in what appeared to be living room were present. Cooks made their way to and fro beneath a huge chandelier that hung overhead.
Mr. Mensah is having an important business meeting. The meeting would have been concluded by Sami Mensah but due to his present predicament his father holds the meeting in his house to save face.
The meeting goes well. After the meeting, mr.mensah picked up his phone to call his wife to know the health condition of his son. (Sami).
Hello . . . how is Sami’s health?
Is he recuperating well? Said anxiously.
Yes we give glory to almighty, am so grateful for that, his health is improving positively.
And also thanks to morountodun she really stands by him all through, Mrs. Mensah said happily.
So that girl stood by him although? That’s lovely.
Don’t you think she should be compensated to her lovely effort? Mr.Mensah said emphatically.
Even before you say this I have decided to talk you out on how to persuade Sami to marry her as soon as he recovered fully. The girl is a good girl coming from good family.
We will discuss that later, come home the meeting was successful let’s celebrate it with the health improvement of my blessed son, let the twins wait there with him at the hospital.
Okay dear. Mrs. Mensah said happily...

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