by - 9:07 PM

There's this gnawing hunger deep within,
But she ignore the feeling that's inside her,
For weeks food have been her unavoidable enemy,
She's ashamed of what the world will see.

Her head is spinning, and the world is blurring
But she fight through all the pain
Just one less bite, skip the last meal
But voices drive her insane.

Tears soak her pillow every night
She cry every time she look at her reflection
It's never enough, and it never will be
And she won't ever stop until she reach perfection.

She just want to be pretty
And walk around model thin.

Shame and disgust consumes her entirely
But she shoved the feelings all the way down
Only to have them emptied out
Like the memories she have learnt to drown.

She never satisfy with her look,
While she don't know many want her look.
She hate her figure,
While many set eyes on her
And feel disfigured.
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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