(#002 of 30days)Abeni mi Owon

by - 2:55 AM

Abeni mi Owon,
From the in-depth heart of mine
I need to make a true confession,
It might similar to flattering
But it's naked truth;
Ololufe mi Abeni;
Of all the creature
That I met in my travels,
You're the tiniest and most precious
A grain of gold
Extracted from the river
of time and life.
Abeni mi;
Your lips of grave throw pebbles
In the shadow of my well,
And stir awake the dormant  that now rise,
Silently awake,
in shoal of jellyfish.
Gbo temi Abeni mi Owon
Seal your lips,do not east one more
But draw your ear close to me well
And listen to me well
And listen to the colonies
Fill the marrow space
While the turmoil of their whisper
Surface a thousand births.
Ololufe mi Owon;
Know that:
I look at the sky
There's this one shining
Bright star...
Of course it's you
It's always been watching me...
And every day saying
I miss you.
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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