Get Rich or Die Trying 1 by Ajayi Folaranmi R(Enigma).

by - 8:15 AM

When your child who is not working,brings in the latest iphone,what do you do? When your daughter lavish money without a good job,what do you do?
When your pastor collects tithes from that rich man or woman,with questionable character, what do you do?
This raises the much worries in our hearts. What is our nation really turning into? Do we really have a morally sane society?
How does it feels to see young ladies carry unwanted pregnancies? Is this generation indeed a wasted one,in the words of the Nobel laureate,Prof.Wole Soyinka.
The volition and enthusiasm to get rich or die trying as piloted the moral and sanity aspect of all the facets of our lifes. Today everyone in a bit to become rich,wealthy,influential and reckoned with in the environment,venture into so many shady and untold dealings.
The best of today's music,increase sexual immorality, propagate cyber fraud and continue to make a mess of our moral values.
Our world today have no respect for the common man,most especially the ones that cannot afford the latest. The religious circle have turned congregation to a show of outfits,fashions and all latest wears.
It is regrettably lugubrious that today's parent have lost all moral senses, they care no more for the moral values of their children. All meals served on our tables today is all about youth who venture into Yahoo Yahoo,they go to Indonesia, Malaysia, Cuba,South Africa and the likes.
Tellingly,it is very shaming or better put shameful that on very streets our tomorrow's mother have turned themselves to whores,rejoicing Jezebels and transactional sex workers.
Check every female girl child one out of every three  is into prostitution come to Mushin for clarifications. In the name of show off and slaying everyone ,we have lost the vibes and every audacity to do what is right.
Wait! What do you see in all evenings around your area? What kind of things does an average youth get entangled with during the night? Let me answer you,clubbing,smoking,wasting away,perpetrating evils and engaging in the highest form of sexual immorality.
The Church has failed abysmally by preaching prosperity and not integrity. Let's commit to stop magnifying crime,pastors should preach against ill gotten and stop praising criminals.
Our morals and ethical values need a Resurgemento.
Ajayi Folaranmi R(Enigma).

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