Journal Of Bamidele 2

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I grew up knowing that the world was full enemies. My father had protective medicine located at crucial parts in our house and compound. There was one hung over the main entrance but the biggest was in a gourd in a loaner of his bedroom. Same thing occur in almost all the entire house in my village even include those who said to be church - goer in my village. My Village was full of people who believe so much in fetish activities and they still believe so much in their fore - father deity. My father is one the man with comfort and without misfortune of life. At one time, I remember, my father used to slaughter a goat every Saturday which was more than most families did in two years, and this sign of wealth naturally exposed as to their jealously malevolence; but it was not until many later. I experience one fleeting, terrify glimpse of just how jealousy of a successful man could be in my village... After coming back from school during the holiday. My many months and days away from the village; as makes them lost memory of my facial looks. Stepping in to the village with my luggage with my local lamp. I used through my journey because the journey took two days. These shows that am a student, many of the adults and young one I come across greeted me, even when am not greeting. I'm at few miles to our compound when a man greeted and ask me to wait as he was walking towards me, he cracked jokes with people around watching, I saw his face turning towards me no doubt to get to me to join in his  laughter. I quickly looked away and began gaze at the Iroko tree at my left side of the road. He approach me with handshake which surprise me, that's unethical in my village. I prostrated before him to show him huge respect. He said "Whose son are you?
I replied with I'm Ajani Arogundade's son Bamidele. Immediately the man grimace his face, Okay he said then soliloquy start for him; " so he was the son of that insolent man Ajani, is he the only one in this village that almost all his children is going to school.
To be continued. . .
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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