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What is Etiquette?
Etiquette is the other word for good manner or polite behaviour. It is also refers to guidelines which control the way how an individual should behave.
Reasons Etiquette is Important
* It set standard to be polite.
* Teaches how to interact,behave and think more
* Improves personality
* Creates everlasting positive impression
Types of Etiquette
1. Social Etiquette: Teaches how to behave in the society.
2. Bathroom Etiquette: Refers how an individual must behave at his work place.
3. Telephone Etiquette: It instructs that we must pay attention to surrounding while talking on phone.
4. Meeting Etiquette: it refers to behaviour code of an individual that must be followed at meetings and discussion at the workplace.
5. Corporate Etiquette: refers how an individual must behave at his workplace.
6. Eating Etiquette: It tells how we should behave in public places while eating or dining.
Business Etiquette: It depicts various way to operate a specific business.
Advantages of Etiquette
There are various advantages of Etiquette. Those advantages are different in terms of individual/occupation.
Advantages for Professional
* It enhances your profile among industry peers.
* Provide positive impacts on workplace
* Promote cross-cultural awareness.
* Foster dignity at workplace.
Advantages for individual
* Builds self confidence and self esteem.
* Enhance image upgrading skills.
* Promote cross-cultural awareness.
* Provides competitive edge for the job seekers.
Some Basic Etiquette Rules
While dining...
* Put your napkin on your lap while eating.
* Take small portion.
* Eat with much or little enthusiasm.
* Use hunting knives, machetes or guns in the presence of gentry.
While at parties...
*Attempt conversation with all guests even bald men and women wearing disreputable shoes.
* Completely obscure from view any unsightly birthmarks or genitalia.
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