The Future Is Here

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My little research so far on the future and leadership have mad me realised that behaving like a leader make us the real leaders of tomorrow. In more than 3300 studies of leaders conducted over the years, there is a special quality that stand out, one quality that all great leaders have in common. It is the quality of vision, leaders have vision, non leaders do not.
  The true leaders think most of the time about the future and where they are going, and what they are going to do, and what they can do to get there. Non leaders on the other hand,think about present; and the pleasures; problems of the moment. They think and worry about the past and what has happen that cannot be changed.

I have realized that when you think about future you begin to think like a leader, sooner you get the same result leaders get. According to Dr Edward Banfield of Harvard says "Longtime perspective is the ability to think several years into the future while making decisions in the present."
So think!! The farther you think into the future, the better decisions you will make in the present to assure that future becomes reality".
Not only thinking that matters but also action and implementation with completion makes a good thinking. We have to know that men and women who accomplish tremendous things in life are intensely action oriented and do not lack exciting vision for your future to avoid being in a state of a flatline because with an exciting future vision you will be motivated and stimulated everyday to take the actions necessary to make your ideal vision a reality.
So wake up! Think about ideal future most of the time. Always remember that the very best days of your life lie ahead. The happiest moment you will ever experience are still to come. The highest income you will ever earn is going to materialise in the months and years ahead. The future is going to materialise in months and years ahead. The future is going to better than anything that may have happen in the past.
© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel

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