"Overcoming inferiority complex and how to build confidence and self worth" with Ajayi Folaranmi Richardson (Enigma).

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What Is an Inferiority Complex?
"The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down". - Stephen Richards
"Inferiority complex is a failure mindset,which is birth by low self esteem,the only way to kill it is to get wired up in the power of imagination and self transformation". Ajayi Folaranmi Richardson (Enigma).
"At times rising and falling tend to make us feel inferior when facing challenges in academics,family  and even in relationships,we must know that it is all a Mindset" Oyewale Omolara .
"The Conspiracy of the Society is that;it makes us see failure and mistakes as setbacks,it makes many feared failing,no one ever Make it at the first trial,ask Inventors, Entrepreneurs,Traders and students" Ajayi Folaranmi Richardson (Enigma).
"At times when people belittle us we feel we're not important and feel we ain't courageous cos they've quenched that little light within us,greatness is never be deterred by what a man says,but what God says"... Princess Rita.
"When you're not able to see yourself the way God sees you or the way you see yourself;this birth inferiority complex" Princess Rita.
An inferiority complex as the name suggests is a complex in which an individual has overwhelming feelings of inferiority thereby birthing low self worth. While we all have weak points and areas of ourselves which could be improved, the person with an inferiority complex will fixate on these weaknesses and use them in order to evaluate their overall worth and failing to work on strengths.
Hear this truth! Inferiority complex is a MINDSET.
It is a Conspiracy tool injected to Africa from Colonization and westernization. You need to kill it by adhering to the truths,that this teachings and mentorings seeks to unveil.
Many Individuals,As a result of their real or perceived flaws, they then see themselves as generally less important, successful or accomplished as others and of course this can have many negative impacts on their lives.
In some cases inferiority complex can lead to overcompensation and this is the best scenario. Here the individual does everything in their power to overcome their perceived inferiority and this can mean that they end up in highly successful jobs, amassing great wealth and succeeding in powerful relationships.
However while such a person might be a high achiever, a sense of inferiority will mean that they will always be less happy than they could be and it may have other negative impacts on their life.
Another possible outcome of an inferiority complex meanwhile is that the individual ends up backing down from difficult situations and acting without any sense of worth or entitlement.
Such people will have the opposite results as the overcompensating type due to what is known as a 'self fulfilling prophecy'. Here the person's low self belief changes the way they behave, and that in turn changes the way they are perceived and treated by others which in turn results in them actually becoming inferior in some ways.

There are many possible causes of inferiority, but they tend to be the result of significant events (often in childhood), or of conditioned beliefs that come from continuous failure or criticism.
Parental Attitude:
Often parental attitudes can result in an inferiority complex if the child did not receive the right encouragement or unconditional love when they were growing up. In some cases an inferiority complex could also arise as a result of some kind of defect either physical or mental. For instance a low IQ, poor physical fitness or appearance, physical disablement, speech defects etc. Any such condition could present the child with a source of continuous disappointment and criticism, and might prevent them from participating in the same activities as others.
Parental Comparison.
Many parents and individuals form the habits of measuring their success compared to the successes of others.
This attitude have made many dreams chartered and many hopes dented .
Imagine your parents,your colleagues,your teacher,your husband,your wife,never appreciate the little you do but form the regular habits of making comparison. (this is a bad idea Shun it,don't do it!.
In the game of comparison nobody wins,you only build JEALOUS, STRIFE,HATRED mindset.

Negative self view:
Often the negative self view in an inferiority complex will result in the problem becoming self perpetuating and this causes the person to enter a vicious cycle wherein their low self esteem causes them to avoid situations where they could otherwise have improved their confidence, or results in them making mistakes or harshly judging their own performances.

How to Overcome an Inferiority Complex

1.Renewed Mindset.
2.Rationalisation and contentment (Be satisfied with what you have kill the love for material possession, enrich your brains not your physical appearance).
3.Focus on weakness(Recognise it and turn it to opportunity
4.Practise failing(He who has never made a mistake ,never learn something new) The more you practise,the more you are confident of doing something new.
5.Surround yourself with positive people.
6.The power of Positive statement(What you say is what you become).
7.Personal Transformation.
8.Understanding that Mistakes are learning process ask Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison,Michael Faraday,Mark Zuckerberg.
9.Understand the power of time(Everyone is appointed to a set time).
10 Kill it with prayers(Spirit Realm controls the physical).
 Ajayi Folaranmi R.

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