You Need A Charger

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You need a Charger!
Dear Reader,
Can a mobile phone user be satisfied knowing that the mobile phone is not with a charger? Can you use a mobile phone without a charger? Certainly No!
Hence the need to read and digest this piece is quintessential as humans we must charge our life batteries daily.
Sophile Sophile the Chinese say catch a monkey,Genteel Genteel makes a journey.
Let me share this presstissimonly(as quickly as possible)I am always Concerned, I know you do to...We live in a world were hardwork is replaced with shortcuts and discipline is replaced with undisciplined attitudes. We live in a world were sacrifice is lacking no one is ready to pay the price and we are all affected. But certainly there are Men ready to cause the Changes,these men are ready to go the Extra mile. These men are Game changers and change agents,they are Patriots and Nationalists.
Charge 1
Have you ever thought of the words "Sacrifice and Discipline"Certainly you should!Charge 1 whenever you discipline yourself, you force yourself to do the right things,you increase your self esteem,you respect yourself and your self image increases.
Charge 2
Successful people are those who make a habit of doing what unsuccessful people don't like to do. Don't waste your time and energy on things and associate who cant add value to You..
Charge 3
Self discipline allows you to plan all that you do. You think before acting and not acting then thinking later. It gives you an edge over others and you control your environment.
Charge 4
Sacrifice is the ability for you to sacrifice immediate pleasure or gratification in the present,so that you can enjoy greater rewards down the road. Self control is essential.
Charge 5
Only those who obey Rules becomes Rulers and only those who Reads Leads..Without a goal you become worthless and directionless.
Without a plan,you become planless and purposeless..
Charge 6
You cant get different results,if you do things in the sameWay always. Change your pattern follow principles,change your perspectives,Beready to take the lead...Only those who obey laws becomes Lords...Be discipline because it guarantees Success..As for You and YouWe have got to all change our approach if we desire Excellence and that is "Sacrifice and Discipline".GreatMen are those who respect their Time and value the power of Difference,they are above others because they are Discipline...
Ajayi Folaranmi R.

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